Prosper Inc. Announces Partnership with Debt Elimination Guru JJ Childers

Prosper, a distance education company based in Utah, has partnered with debt elimination expert JJ Childers to offer his expertise in one-to-one mentoring programs.

Provo, UT, February 19, 2009 --( Prosper Inc., the personalized education company, is partnering with personal finance expert JJ Childers, an attorney whose practice focuses on asset protection, estate planning, and tax reduction.

Prosper has transformed Childers’ insights and techniques into a curriculum and combined it with a one-to-one mentoring program that can help people eliminate, rather than just “manage,” their debt. In addition to being a practicing attorney, Childers is also an author, most recently of Real Wealth Without Risk: Escape the ‘Artificial Wealth Trap’ in 48 Hours... or Less! He has helped thousands of clients accomplish key financial and legal objectives through proper wealth structuring.

“Reducing debt and increasing wealth is always wise, but is doubly important in a down economy,” Childers said. “Because Prosper has a proven track record in personal finance mentoring, I know they will help me reach many more people who are looking for ways to eliminate their debt.”

“Debt relief is a very important topic right now, so we are looking forward to offering JJ’s special expertise in this area,” said Ethan Willis, CEO of Prosper. “With partners like JJ, Prosper will continue to lead the way in personal mentoring.”

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