A Better Solution, Inc. Continues with"ClearReplica 8.1"

Newnan, GA, May 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- ClearReplica 8.1 complements IBM/Rational ClearCase (V3.2 and higher). ClearReplica provides geographically disjoint development as a less expensive alternative to ClearCase Multisite. ClearReplica provides many of the replication features of ClearCase Multisite as well as additional features. With ClearReplica you can replicate whole VOBs, "portions" of VOBs, a single or select files, replicate a single or select branches, replicate multiple VOBs in to single VOBs, replicate multiple VOBs in to single VOBs, single VOBs to multiple VOBs and replicate VOBs to other VOBs within the same ClearCase region. These options allow more flexibility to create on-line backup VOBs and staging or distribution VOBs.

“A Better Solution has again raised the bar by providing additional features over Multisite and done so with less end-user cost. Per-branching replication is a sure win for the customer and addresses many security concerns. The enhanced 'Deployment' features add something that has long been missing in ClearCase” -- ClearVision

ClearReplica’s flexibility transcends as an alternative to Multisite in a number of ways, some are outlined here:

* ClearReplica is much more cost effective. Multisite is licensed per user of a replicated VOB so the cost increases when user and VOB usage grows, replicating a single VOB with Multisite that has 100 users in "Atlanta" and 30 users in "India" requires 130 licenses of Multisite, to start. ClearReplica is licensed per "location" so two licenses of ClearReplica and ClearTrigger are needed (one of each at each site). Doubling the number of users of Multisite replicated VOBs doubles the cost of "replication", while doubling the number of users of ClearReplica replicated VOBs adds no additional cost.

* Extended Transport Mechanisms Added several sftp transport Mechanisms to the automatic packet transport capability so now ClearReplica can use sftp as well as ftp for the automatic transport platform. ClearReplica can still use any transport platform for manual or automatic packet transport. So as always, you can use your open firewall ports to transport data, no need to open more ports.

* ClearReplica allows more control over what is data is replicated. ClearReplica allows you to replicate the whole VOB, a portion of the VOB or even a single or select files. ClearReplica even allows for replication of a single or select branches if desired. Save corporate bandwidth (and bandwidth costs) by “replicating” only the data you need to.

* Nearly free "disaster recovery", "backup sites" or "distribution hubs". ClearReplica "replication" to read-only VOB sites only require the license at the "shipper" site. Backup hundreds of VOBs to several locations or across the hall with only One ClearReplica license.

* Confirmation of packet delivery (automatic packet recovery). Dropped or lost packets are automatically recovered.

Read about all of the new features here:

Installing ClearReplica 8.1 is easy and straightforward. Version 8.1 began shipping on February 11th, 2009.

http://www.abs-consulting.com/products_clearreplica.shtml or view the movie here: http://www.abs-consulting.com/__training_modules/module_descriptions/clearreplica_overview.shtml.

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Founded by Charles Clarke, III in 1996, he saw the need for a CM consulting company from his early experiences with Atria (the original makers of ClearCase). To this end ABS has assembled some of the best software minds in the country to bring the experiences of many minds in many development shops together to aid in implementation of Rational ClearCase. ABS also provides custom training plans to suit an organizations need for Rational ClearCase user or administrator training. visit http://www.abs-consulting.com for more details.

ClearReplica is licensed so you need in most cases only 1 or 2 licenses of the product even if you have hundreds of licenses of Rational ClearCase and hundreds of ClearCase VOBs. You can “replicate” or "deploy" all VOBs in your organization for around the cost of a single license of ClearCase. For detailed information on these tools, visit us at:

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