iUniverse Would Like to Announce the Release of 56 Water Street by Melissa Strangway

What if you suddenly discovered that the creepy, run-down house on your street was invisible to everyone but you? To make matters worse, the house is apparently occupied by a 100-year-old ghost who is asking for your help. That’s the situation in which Ravine and her best friend Derek find themselves as 56 Water Street begins. Strangway’s first published work is a well-told mystery whose characters will leave you wanting more.

Bloomington, IN, February 21, 2009 --(PR.com)-- 56 Water Street

First in Series is a Success

The early summer evening seemed ordinary enough . . . except for the flickering lights in the old house no one else could see. Everyone loves a good ghost story, and 56 Water Street (published by iUniverse) by Melissa Strangway delivers that and more in this compelling tale of friendship and suspense.

As the school year comes to an end, best friends Derek and Ravine find themselves at the beginning of an intriguing mystery. They’ve lived just two houses away from each other on Water Street all their lives, in what has always appeared to be a safe, ordinary neighborhood. But things take an unsettling turn one early summer night when the 10-year-old friends discover they’re the only ones who can see the creepy old house across the street.

In 56 Water Street, Strangway succeeds in creating believable characters with an interesting story to tell. In addition to Derek and Ravine, the book features the ghost of a young girl trying to find her sister. Isabel knows she’s dead but doesn’t know if her sister also died in the fire that claimed her and her family. Isabel has decided to enlist the two friends’ help, but they have to work fast to solve the mystery before time runs out.

Younger readers will relate well to Derek and Ravine as kids who are attracted to the excitement of solving a mystery but also just want to enjoy their summer. Parents will appreciate the strong themes of friendship and willingness to help others that are woven through the book. As the first in what Strangway intends as a series, she has done a great job laying the foundation and leaving readers wanting more.

56 Water Street was written for children as well as adults. As her first published piece, Strangway has proven that she is off to a good start.

About the Author
Raised in the prairie region of Canada, Melissa Strangway now lives with her husband and children in southern Ontario. In addition to raising their children, Strangway spends her days writing, designing an exclusive line of unique children’s party clothing, and working in the theatre as part of Canada’s world-renowned Shakespearean Festival.

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