Kulturcritic Announces Initial Praise for the Recovery of Ecstasy: Notebooks from Siberia, by Sandy Krolick

New York, NY, February 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- More than twenty years since his last publication, Dr. Krolick unleashes a firestorm of cultural critique and commentary, wrapped around the warmth of a loosely philosophical memoir.

“Sandy,I got [the book] this afternoon, I'm half way through and can't put it down. I'm starting to understand where you're coming from and it's resonating really nicely. It reminds me of what I just brushed in India (only there 2 months...sigh). What a wonderful confluence of your unique life and that place. The book is a gem IMHO.”

"Sandy has worked out a way to both rid ourselves of the suffering of death-terror and re-conceive the past so that the new conception fills rather than empties each present moment. From one direction, take away arguably the deepest source of human suffering; from the other direction bring back arguably the deepest source of human happiness."

"What a little gem. I really like this book. There's a lot going on in this lean and lovingly crafted work. If you want a glimpse of the Russian people that few westerners will ever be allowed, read this book. Krolick uses his own remarkable life story like a reagent to reveal for us the feral heart of the Siberian as his own American assumptions are subsumed in the reaction. The result is a deeply personal story of a rediscovery of ecstatic living. I come from an Eastern approach in which ecstasy results from momentary annihilation of the ego. Krolick introduces us to a path at once profoundly kind, human, primal and accessible."

“Sandy, Sadly, I'm employed. If I were not, I would jump the bus to Geneva and enroll in your course. Kudos on this book… a rare gem from one who has walked the walk”.

"Here you will find it possible to identify your "feral self," who yearns to live in the moment, unburdened by a heavy and cheerless past the 21st century ardently wants to place on your shoulders and by a future with which the 21st century ardently wants to sicken you. This double liberation Krolick calls the recovery of ecstasy."

The Recovery of Ecstasy: Notebooks from Siberia
Author: Sandy Krolick, Ph.D. (www.kulturCritic.com)
Genre: Cultural Criticism, Geopolitics, Philosophy, Memoir
Publisher: Booksurge, LLC; Distribution: Baker and Taylor
Pub Date: February 12, 2009; Available now on Amazon
Suggested Retail: $13.99
ISBN: 978-1-4392-2736-7

Sandy Krolick
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