Polymerupdate Announces Its New Value-Added Service - the Polymerupdate Terminal

Mumbai, India, February 25, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Polymerupdate, one of the world's leading company's providing real time news and price alerts on polymers, today announced the launch of its new Value-added Service - The Polymerupdate Terminal.

The Polymerupdate Terminal is a web based integrated platform that offers real time streaming market information on domestic and international petrochemical markets. The new service manages information in an intelligent and intuitive manner so that one can have customised content coupled with accurate and exhaustive data that interfaces seamlessly with all applications. It also provides live pricing coverage to domestic & international commodity exchanges.

All information you need to monitor on the Petrochemical markets - including real time prices and intelligence feeds, press releases, graphs and historical charting are easily accessible.

Polymerupdate is believed to be the only player in the global market to offer this service for the worldwide polymer industry, building on its range of tools and products to help businesses improve on their purchasing decisions.

Mr Neeraj Rawal - VP(Marketing) of Polymerupdate, says, “It is our pleasure to serve our subscribers & to extend our reach and aura of services. We have launched a value-added service with a more user friendly touch. With the new service, we are helping businesses to better manage their price risk by giving quick and easy access to accurate insight and data, eliminating opportunities for intense speculation which players sometimes face when making purchase decisions."

"This initiative complements an ongoing range of services provided to clients. It will enable them to make more informed buying decisions and better manage their budgets," Mr Rawal concluded.

For more information on Polymerupdate's new value-added service Polymerupdate Terminal, kindly visit: www.polymerupdate.com or contact:

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