RestoreMax™ from to Campaign as Dry Skin Therapy

Boca Raton, FL, February 25, 2009 --( RestoreMax™ from™ ( will promote its benefit as dry skin therapy for it's spring advertising campaign. Emphasizing the aloe vera, collagen, eslastin, and moisturizers in the formula will provide support for the claim.

"We have been having a difficult time finding the best way to market RestoreMax™ since it is designed for penis skin care. Many people will not accept advertising for that area of the body, or they group it in with the "adult" products that are not really related.", Michael Dugan, President of™ explained. "Our strategy now is to de-emphasize the area of the body where RestoreMax™ works best and promote the benefit of dry skin therapy. RestoreMax™ is an amazing skin care cream that is great for itching, redness, soreness, or chafing, but where it really wins the day is in healing dry skin and making it feel smooth and silky."

"It may seem strange to some people, but this winter we have received many letters from our married customers whose wives have tried RestoreMax™ on their cracked hands, rough elbows, and sand paper knees. The women are raving about the product and how it helps their skin.", Bob Redstone, Director of Marketing for RestoreMax™ declared. "We have heard this so often, we are considering a possible new formulation designed for women's skin… with a different name of course."

Dry skin can be a real problem on a man's penis, and from the customer survey it seems like it is the number one reason for RestoreMax™. The spring advertising effort will include video, print, and some radio as well as extensive online and email promotions.

"We know we have a good product that not only improves the texture, elasticity, and sensitivity of the skin on a man's penis, but it is also very clear that it heals dry skin, chafing, irritation, and soreness. Our problem is finding the right advertising medium to present those benefits to our customers, and grow the business as a specialty "niche" product for men.", Dugan said. "Fortunately, we have experienced a lot of growth from our existing customers and their very high re-order rate, but in the future, we need to reach out to new users, and I believe our dry skin campaign will be more universal and more acceptable."

For additional information on RestoreMax contact, Michael Dugan, or visit: ( ) is a research and development company created to seek, identify, and market products that can help improve life for men. It specializes in health and skin care products that specifically address neglected or ignored aspects of a man's health, fitness, or quality of life. RestoreMax is the first product introduced by MensMax, and it is generating so much demand that the compnay has accelerated its efforts to introduce more revolutionary products for men.

Michael Dugan