Angry Nurses Attack Over Naughty Nurse YouTube

Angry nurses are sending a barrage of email complaints to ( over their use of a sexy "Naughty Nurse" YouTube video ( to promote the mens penis skin care cream RestoreMax. The nurses claim that even a broad comedy that... - March 18, 2010 Dedicates March to Penis Skin Care Awareness is launching a print and radio campaign to raise awareness for Penis Skin Care during the month of March. "Most people pay attention to the skin on all different parts of their body, but they often ignore their most private area," Michael Dugan, President of - March 03, 2010

Naughty Nurse Delivers Nice Profits for RestoreMax™ harnessed the power of YouTube and comedy to broadcast a commercial that is generating huge profits for RestoreMax - the first ever penis skin care cream. It is delivering sales way beyond expectations. The sexy nurse in the commercial at: is generating new sales and customers for RestoreMax at - December 11, 2009

RestoreMax™ from Uses Survey to Define Target sent a survey to its entire RestoreMax customer base in order to better target customer service and advertising. Everyone who participated in the survey was given a coupon for a free jar of RestoreMax, the first ever penis skin care cream, and the response was tremendous. "We did... - November 07, 2009

RestoreMax™ Campaign from Redu, Inc. Teaches Need for Private Skin Care

The new advertising campaign from Redu, Inc. for RestoreMax, penis skin care treatment, at ( focuses on educating men about the unique challenges the skin on the penis faces versus all other skin, and the need for a specific penis skin care solution. It explains why RestoreMax can help heal issues like irritation, dry skin, and chafing on the penis better than typical skin care lotions. - October 25, 2009

RestoreMax™ from Wins with Athletes™ ( targeted athletes in an advertising campaign for it's RestoreMax penis skin care cream, and has generating great success in the fitness world. Athletes who experience irritation, chafing, and dry skin because of their workout demands, are discovering of this... - September 30, 2009

RestoreMax™ from Improves Customer Service with FAQ's

Redu, Inc. the marketer that offers the first penis skin care therapy, RestoreMax at, is reducing many customer service calls through the use of an expanded FAQ section on its website. The costs of a call center for customer service was getting higher than estimated because the calls were taking time, and rarely resulted in an additional sale. Adding FAQ's to the website is actually improving conversion, and saving money on customer service. - August 26, 2009

RestoreMax™ from Scores with Gay Men™ ( targeted gay men in an advertising campaign for it's RestoreMax penis skin care cream, and has scored great success with the gay audience. Online marketing and targeted gay men's magazine ads have generated an increase in sales and a significant expansion of the... - August 13, 2009

Men Discover 4 Benefits of Private Men's Skin Care from RestoreMax

Due to a special educational marketing campaign, many men are discovering the benefits of special men's skin care for their most private area, like RestoreMax from There are several reasons this private skin needs special care, and the innovative formula may help improve some challenging skin issues. - July 11, 2009 Attempts to Overcome Taboos with Free E-Book has posted a free, informational E-book about the penis and penis skin care as a way to help overcome resistance and taboos about a product that is for a man's private area. Due to sexual taboos and media restrictions, is often prevented from advertising because it is considered an adult product. - May 06, 2009

RestoreMax™ from to Campaign as Dry Skin Therapy

RestoreMax™ from™ ( will promote its benefit as dry skin therapy for it's spring advertising campaign. Emphasizing the aloe vera, collagen, eslastin, and moisturizers in the formula will provide support for the claim. "We have been having a difficult... - February 25, 2009

RestoreMax™ from Wins 5 Dude Rating and Product of the Month

A five dude rating and product of the month was awarded to RestoreMax mens skin care cream from by the web product ratings website gives men's products and services "dudes" instead of stars, and the 5 dude award is the highest honor a product can get. - January 28, 2009

RestoreMax™ from™ Wins Product of the Year

RestoreMax, the first skin care formula designed specifically for the skin on the penis from won "Product Of The Year for 2008" from the Niche Marketing Association. Adrianne Thornton, president of the Niche Marketing Association stated, "Every year, we look for... - January 08, 2009 Survey Shows Awareness Growing for Men's Private Skin Care

A recent survey showed that the number of U.S. Men listing specialized penis skin care as important rose 43% in 2008, but is still relatively low at 23%. MensMax ( responded to this awareness by developing Restore Max specifically for the special needs of the skin on the penis. - November 18, 2008 Considers Buyout Offer for RestoreMax Brand

To sell or not to sell is often a difficult question for any company with a growing brand. Now™ ( is facing that question with regards to its RestoreMax™ Brand, the first ever penis skin care treatment. A very solid consumer products and healthcare company... - July 17, 2008 Records 150% Sales Growth of RestoreMax Brand

In a time when real estate is contracting, gas prices are soaring, and consumer credit is at a crisis point,™ ( announced extremely positive financial news. Sales growth of RestoreMax™, the first ever penis skin care treatment, more than doubled (up 154%) in... - July 09, 2008

RestoreMax from Chooses Email for Summer Splash

RestoreMax™ Penis Skin Care Treatment by MensMax at: will launch a highly targeted email campaign on July 8, 2008. The strategy is to capitalize on the RestoreMax™ brand's ability to relieve chafing, irritation, and heat rash - especially during the hot summer months. - July 02, 2008

RestoreMax™ Penis Skin Care Treatment Seduces Exxotica Convention

MensMax™, the makers of the first penis skin treatment cream, RestoreMax™, made their first public appearance at the Exxotica Convention in Miami Beach, FL, and the results were very exciting. The Exxotica Convention is a trade show devoted to adult products, and MensMax™ at... - May 07, 2008™ Salutes Customers of RestoreMax™ Men's Skin Care Treatment

It's time to say "thank you" at™ because sales of RestoreMax™ the first ever penis skin care treatment for men has exceeded sales goals by more than double. As a reward to the customer base,™ will be sending a generous special offer to all... - April 02, 2008™ Opens Distribution Search for Penis Skin Care Treatment

RestoreMax™ - the first penis skin care treatment from™ has been so successful on the internet that the company is seeking alliances with distributors around the globe to market the product at retail. - March 13, 2008™ Adds Videos to Promote Penis Skin Care Treatment

Do you prefer comedy or more serious commercials? Now you can have both. In a continuing effort to improve brand awareness for RestoreMax™, The First Penis Skin Care Treatment, at, you can now view two new video presentations introducing RestoreMax™ and a special discount... - February 24, 2008 Dedicates February to Penis Skin Care Awareness is launching a print and radio campaign to raise awareness for Penis Skin Care during the month of February. They are getting the word out in February on radio and in print that it is important for men to pay attention to penis skin care. - January 20, 2008

RestoreMax from Selects Endless Summer Radio

RestoreMax Penis Skin Care Treatment by MensMax at: will launch an Internet Radio campaign on the Endless Summer Beach Network. The goal is to generate sales, create awareness for the brand RestoreMax at, and educate men about the importance of penis skin care. - January 10, 2008

Tokyo Discovers RestoreMax Penis Skin Care Treatment

RestoreMax Penis Skin Care Treatment by MensMax at: is heading to the east... the far east. Orders from Tokyo, Japan, have already been shipped, and several Japanese distributors have expressed an interest in getting an exclusive distribution agreement for RestoreMax. - December 18, 2007

Denmark, Kuwait, & Trinidad Discover RestoreMax Penis Skin Care

International orders from Denmark, Kuwait, and even Trinidad and Tobago have driven monthly sales records for RestoreMax Penis Skin Care Treatment by MensMax at: "We were not ready for so much international interest, and had to immediately adapt the order form to handle orders... - November 10, 2007

RestoreMax Penis Skin Care Treatment Featured on CBS Radio

News of exceptional sales of RestoreMax Penis Skin Care Treatment by MensMax at: inspired the station manager, John Klaft, at CBS Radio station, Live 97.1, in Detroit to invite Michael Dugan to appear on the “Jay, Shila, and Bill” afternoon Radio show. The trio of... - September 28, 2007

Re-Orders Drive Sales Growth for Innovative Penis Skin Care Treatment RestoreMax

The growth of RestoreMax, the first skin care treatment developed specifically for the penis, is being driven by men who visit and are curious to try it, but most significantly by satisfied customers ordering far more than expectations. - September 07, 2007

RestoreMax Penis Skin Care Treatment Expands Into Great Britain

MensMax, the makers of the first penis skin treatment cream, RestoreMax, announced their expansion into Great Britain. Now, men in England, Scotland, and Ireland have access to RestoreMax, and can get it for only $14.95 and an international shipping charge of only $8.50 from: - May 12, 2007

5 Good Reasons Men Need Penis Skin Care from RestoreMax

Most men do not take special care of the skin on the penis, but they should. MensMax developed RestoreMax ( to improve elasticity, texture, and sensitivity. Five good reasons to pay special attention to the skin on the penis are Friction, Heat, Chemicals, Enlargement, and Aging. - April 07, 2007

Real Men Discover the Importance of Penis Skin Care with RestoreMax

There are creams, lotions, and special formulas to moisturize, heal, and restore the skin on your face, hands, feet, and almost every other part of your body, but not the penis. MensMax ( identified the need for penis skin care and has launched, RestoreMax, a revolutionary skin care cream containing special ingredients to help improve the texture, elasticity, and sensitivity of the skin on the penis. - March 13, 2007

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