Tonight CBS Cast Politically Incorrect and Controversial Politico

The original Big Brother season politically incorrect candidate has beat the odds.

New York, NY, July 07, 2006 --( CBS Big Brother reality TV All-Star season brings back former housemate Will Mega?

Tonight on CBS Prime Time Television, the Big Brother All-Star season will select this summer’s housemates. The secret will be revealed this evening concerning the most out-spoken and controversial reality star in the history of the show and whether or not he will return to the All-Star cast. Kioko Taylor, webmaster of says, “There is no doubt that Will Mega qualifies as a Big Brother All-Star, the question is, will the show producers and the viewing audience vote him back onto the show, after all, he set the tone for the following seasons when it came to cut throat competing?” In response to this development, Will Mega, Reality-TV star from the original season of Big Brother, issued the following statement:

“I am fully prepared to compete in this year’s Big Brother All-Star season. This time I have nothing up my sleeve, and I will not be standing on my political soap box however, I don’t necessary intend to avoid conflict or lively debate. Finally, I will be able to use my contest manipulation skills without being punished for doing so. Heck, everyone knows that it was my tactics on the first season that caused producers to change the rules of the game. I jokingly call them the Mega rules. I will be updating the public either way via the internet at and set to launch July 6, 2006 at 1pm (EST).”

Reality TV voyeurs like a combination of controversy, sex appeal and the underdog status so perhaps Will Mega will fit the bill of what the viewers are looking for this time. If CBS President Leslie Moonves has his final say, Will Mega will be a shoe in. In spite of the tons of controversy that followed Will Mega, CBS President gave this statement upon Mega’s departure from the show in its first season, “He (Will Mega) was the JR Ewing of the house. When he walks into a room he has a great personality. He’s charming and he’s got a great way with words, he’s a very good looking guy. He was like an early guy in. He was one of the first guys everybody said, yeah, this guy is great. He had no criminal record. While he was in the house, we watched him very carefully and he never expressed any hate or any political message while he was on that show. I was happy he was in the house.”

As the count down comes to an end the Internet community waits with baited breath to see his return. According to Regina Lewis AOL Online Advisor (2000), “The online web activity was unprecedented... Will Mega was the #1 word in chatrooms."

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