Nusearch Announces Million Dollar Keyword Giveaway

Nusearch rewrites the rules of Internet Keyword Advertising, overnight.

Bristol, United Kingdom, July 08, 2006 --( Buoyed up by the the success of their recent relaunch, Nusearch (, the UK's first serious global search player, is announcing a new offering designed to cause sleepless nights for the incumbent search engines.

The Million Dollar Keyword Giveaway sees the company handing out 10 million ad clickthru's, worth 10 cents each.

Having recently launched its free Active Search advertising programme, Nusearch is extending its appeal by giving $1000 worth of free advertising credits, each, to the first thousand people who sign up for and activate their Active Search search box. This equates to 10,000 ad clickthru's, and hundred of thousands of ad impressions, for each successful registrant.

Search Engines commonly make available search boxes that webmasters can integrate into their web pages, and this provides enormously valuable traffic to the search engine. Mostly, the website owner receives nothing in return, other than the ability to easily search their site. Nusearch is offering the same basic service, but in addition, is recognizing the value of these incoming hits and is rewarding websites accordingly.

The Million Dollars is an additional incentive to motivate the first raft of registrants.

Moreover, it can be difficult for smaller website owners to get their sites listed on the big search engines, and if they are listed, the pages aren't frequently updated. With Nusearch's Active Search programme, any site that features a Nusearch search box will automatically get spidered and indexed in realtime, and will receive preferential treatment for re-spidering and re-indexing. This means users of the Active Search programme can be assured their site will be kept up to date within the Nusearch index.

In addition, Nusearch is today announcing another unique new feature: Add Site. With this feature, not only can webmasters get their sites spidered in realtime, while they wait, but they can check its status to see when it was last checked and how many pages are held in the index.

Nusearch is expecting a very rapid take up for the first thousand places in its Active Search programme, and is advising hopeful registrants to register, and activate, immediately.

With these announcements, Nusearch is daring to imagine a future when Google finally has some serious competition for traffic generation.

Giles Chanot