Market Rates Insight Celebrates 24 Years of Trusted Service Providing Banks and Credit Unions with Deposit, Loan, and Fee Studies

MRI celebrates its 24th anniversary by offering free 24-hour access to its advanced pricing system.

San Anselmo, CA, February 28, 2009 --( Market Rates Insight (MRI) is celebrating its 24th year of providing reliable, accurate rate surveys for deposits, loans and fees. To mark its anniversary, MRI is launching a “24-for-24” promotional program, offering qualified users free 24-hour access to its new advanced pricing system, which provides the highest level of pricing precision in the industry.

“Banks and credit unions need access to reliable rate and fee data to make intelligent pricing decisions, but the rate research industry has changed dramatically in recent years as research companies have merged or changed their business strategy,” said Rick Barham, founder and CEO of Market Rates Insight. “For 24 years, MRI has delivered the most complete rate surveys for consumer and business banking products, and now we have harnessed the Web to deliver instant access to up-to-the-minute rate and fee information. We like to think of it as marrying trust with technology.”

MRI’s new advanced pricing system (MyRI) gives financial institutions immediate access to the latest competitive rates for deposit, loan, and fee products. MyRI was developed to provide subscribers with market intelligence in real time, making it easy to stay ahead of the market. With more banks and credit unions repricing deposits, loans, and fees more frequently than ever, MRI customers are gravitating to MRI’s self-service online research dashboard to gain immediate access to the latest research.

To celebrate its 24th anniversary, Market Rates Insight is making its MyRI portal available to qualified users free on a 24-hour trial basis. The trial gives analysts, pricing managers, and marketing managers access to a wide range of research tools that provide a comprehensive snapshot of the bank and credit union pricing. BalanceBuilder is the workhorse of the MyRI system, providing competitive views of retail and business products such as CDs, savings, and checking accounts, including an instant 12-month competitive history as well as current rates. MarketBuilder lets you identify competitive opportunities by region, product, and competitor, making it easy to identify product weaknesses, spot trends, and identify holes in the market, and SpecialsBuilder gives you immediate access to special offers in your competitive set. MyRI also offers Search by Ad, which lets you drill down into competing print advertising by region, including terms and tiers in the fine print. And there are other tools designed to deliver a comprehensive view of rates by competitor, product, or region, including a database of banking products dating back 20 years.

About Market Rates Insight

For more than two decades, Market Rates Insight (MRI) has been helping subscribers price with precision by providing banks, thrifts, credit unions, and other financial institutions with accurate market intelligence on deposits, loans, and fees. MRI uses deposit surveys, mortgage and consumer loan surveys, fee and feature studies, scanned ads, new product alerts, and market share and money fund reports to give subscribers the intelligence they need to profitably react to emerging trends. MRI’s products include customized, web-enabled market research tools that report on rates, as well as online searchable databases, gauges, alerts, and dashboards that aggregate key client data to provide real-time views on how they stack up against market competitors.

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