Consumers Cashing in Maturing CDs to Pay Down Credit Card Debt According to Latest Market Rates Insight Analysis

Latest research shows that $29 billion, or 15%, of maturing CDs balances were used to pay down credit cards and other revolving debt in the first half of 2010. - September 23, 2010

Market Rates Insight Data Powers New American Banker Weekly Index of Deposit Premiums and Trend Analysis

Deposit premiums known as Specials are the marketing tools banks use to attract new deposit money, especially when deposit rates are at a record low. - June 05, 2010

New Market Rates Insight Analysis Identifies FIFO Deposit Products That Are First in, First Out When the Fed Rate Moves

Estimated 10 Percent of the Balances of CDs Over 3 Years with Less Than $100K Will Disappear with Every 1 Percent Increase in the Fed Rate - April 22, 2010

New Market Rates Insight Analysis Reveals Consumers Doubt Near-Term Economic Recovery, Abandoning Short-Term CDs

Latest FDIC figures show that deposits of up to one year, which are yielding net negative returns, dropped $502 billion or 18.4 percent in 2009. - March 03, 2010

New Market Rates Insight Analysis Reveals Short-Term Bank Deposits Are Now in Negative Territory Yielding Net Loss for Depositors

Latest Study Indicates 12-month CD Opened in January 2009 Has Return of -1.13% When Adjusted for Inflation - February 20, 2010

New Market Rates Insight Analysis Shows Depositors Are Shifting Money to Accounts for Quick Withdrawal

Latest study shows that for every $1 in new deposits, $4.78 is being shifted to savings and money market accounts that allow quick and easy access to funds. - February 03, 2010

New Market Rates Insight Analysis Shows That Tax on “Big Banks” Will Increase Cost for All Banks

Latest Study Shows 70 Percent Probability That All Banks Will Increase Deposit Rates Within One Week of Any Rate Increase by the “Big Banks.” - January 27, 2010

New Market Rates Insight Report Projects Further Decline in Deposit Interest Rates in the First Half of 2010

The newly-mandated FDIC rate cap, the high unemployment rate, and low Fed rate will suppress deposit interest rates; inflation is the wild card - December 17, 2009

Latest Market Rates Insight Analysis Shows Banks Adopting Traditional Retail Industry Tactics to Attract New Depositors

Banks are keeping regular interest rates low and unchanged, and attract new depositors with special offers at higher interest rates - December 03, 2009

New Market Rates Insight Analysis Shows January 1 Mandatory FDIC Deposit-Rate Cap Will Have Most Impact on Banks in Nine States

On January 1st, 2010, the FDIC final rule becomes mandatory restricting some banks to a maximum of 75 basis points (rate cap) above the national rate published by the FDIC - November 19, 2009

Latest Market Rates Insight Research Shows People Trading Higher Return Rates for the Safety of Insured Bank Deposits

Total Bank Deposits Are Up $520 Billion from June 2008 to June 2009, Even Though the Average Interest Rate on Deposits Has Dropped 37%. - October 23, 2009

New Market Rates Insight Report Shows Banks Turning to Highest Return for the Shortest Term to Build Deposits

Banks and credit unions are offering short-term CD and Money Market Specials at twice the average regular rate to cater to the short-term deposits market. - October 16, 2009

New Market Rates Insight Research Links Low Deposit Interest Rates to Low FDIC Insurance Fund Balance

Analysis Shows for Every $4.8 Billion Reduction in the FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund, Rates for CDs and Money Markets Drop by 10 bps. - October 03, 2009

New Research from Market Rates Insight Indicates Interest Rates on Deposits Not Likely to Increase in Remainder of 2009

National Average Rate for CDs and Money Markets Shows Loss of 27% through August Compared to 26% in Full Year 2008, and Without Cyclical Lift in Q3. - September 09, 2009

New Market Rates Insight Analysis Reveals Consumers Choosing Short-Term CDs for Their Bank Deposits

Shift from Long-Term CDs an Indication that Depositors are “Temporarily Parking” Their Money Until Confidence in Economic Recovery Returns. - September 05, 2009

New Analysis from Market Rates Insight Reveals That Local Branches Produce Most of the Deposits for Banks

Nearly 90% of bank deposits are made through local branches by people in the region, and each regional branch adds an average of $116 million. - August 15, 2009

New Market Rates Insight Analysis Reveals That Banks Are Lowering Deposit Rates to Fund FDIC Special Assessment

National Average APY for CDs and Money Markets Has Dropped 10 bps Since June 30 Enactment of FDIC Special Assessment. - August 07, 2009

New Market Rates Insight Analysis Reveals That Bank-Deposits Rates Lost 30% of Return Value in the First Half of 2009

The national average rate for CDs and Money Market dropped 71 basis points, from 2.41 to 1.70 during the first six month of 2009 - July 16, 2009

New Market Rates Insight Report Reveals That the 19 Largest Banks Offer Lower Deposit Rates Than Smaller Banks

Research Shows Nation’s Top 19 Banks That Received TARP Relief Offer CDs an Average of 42 bps Lower and Money Markets at 25 bps Lower than Smaller Institutions - June 26, 2009

Market Rates Insight Adds Complimentary Reports and Vcasts Featuring Deposit Pricing Indicators and New Banking Offers

Weekly Updates on Leading Financial Indicators and New Product Innovations Offered to Help Financial Institutions Compete in Tough Economy - June 23, 2009

New Report from Market Rates Insight Reveals Bank Depositors Seek Holding Pattern with 12-month CDs Until the Economy Recovers

Frequent Re-pricing of Special 12-month CD, and its relatively high interest rate indicate that depositors are opting for a one-year of “wait and see” before deciding on other investment avenues. - April 24, 2009

Market Rates Insight Celebrates 24 Years of Trusted Service Providing Banks and Credit Unions with Deposit, Loan, and Fee Studies

MRI celebrates its 24th anniversary by offering free 24-hour access to its advanced pricing system. - February 28, 2009

New Market Rates Insight Report Shows Short-Term Jumbo Business CD on the Rise as Businesses “Park” Their Money

Latest MRI rate research shows that nearly 30 percent of all Jumbo Business CDs are now offered in one, three and 12-month terms. - February 21, 2009

Market Rates Insight Offers New Regional Ad Research Tool for Banks and Credit Unions at Introductory Price

New Advertising Tracking Service Gives Banks and CUs Snapshot of Competitive Product Promotion Now Available as Standalone Service. - February 14, 2009

Market Rates Insight Names Wartels New National Sales Director

Banking Research Firm Names New Sales Exec for Web Research Portal. - August 20, 2008

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