Biblical Proportions Art Show at Bearded Lady and Blue Genie

A two gallery group art show in Austin, Texas at Bearded Lady and Blue Genie during April, 2009. This show features over 60 local artists with their takes on Biblical stories.

Austin, TX, February 28, 2009 --( Biblical Proportions
Friday, April 10, 2009 – Sunday April 12, 2009
Friday, April 10 6pm - 11pm
Old Testament Show
Blue Genie Art

Saturday, April 11 6pm – 11pm
New Testament Show
Bearded Lady Printing

Sunday, April 12 12pm – 6pm
Easter Sunday Gallery Shows
Blue Genie Art & Bearded Lady Printing

Blue Genie Art
916 Springdale
Austin, TX 78702

Bearded Lady Printing
3504 East 4th Street
Austin, TX 78702

Michael Schliefke

Biblical Proportions is the latest group show held in Austin curated by Ian Shults and Michael Schliefke. This unique art show event will feature a two fisted approach to approximate the scale and breadth of stories from the Bible. Over 100 Austin and national artists have been chosen to create a piece of art based off a story from the Bible.

The show will be split into two shows – Old Testament and New Testament – that will be hosted at two venerable East Austin artist studios – Blue Genie Art and Bearded Lady Printing. This unique two gallery, two opening show will open on Good Friday and culminate with both galleries displaying the art all day on Easter Sunday.

This show is the latest collaboration between Ian Shults and Michael Schliefke, who began putting together group shows at Bolm Studios in Austin with 2005’s Will There Ever Be a Rainbow unicorn art show, which was named the Best Group Show of 2005 by the Austin Chronicle. They followed that up with 2006’s ‘Father’s Day Art Show’, which again made the Austin Chronicle’s Top Ten Art Shows of the Year. In 2007, Ian and Michael co-curated Gallery Lombardi’s ‘Radical Nautical’, a sea themed exhibit which featured 75 artists and won an Austin Critic’s Table Award.

Among the artists that are scheduled to participate include Nathan Jensen, Chris Chappell, Jenny Hart, Rory Skagen, Holly Fischer, Bill Jeffrey, Corey Goering, Nathan Fox, Michael Schliefke, Josh Chalmers, JD Fanning, Dana Younger, Meg Renwick, John Cobb, Hope Perkins, Zach McDonald, David Ohlerking, James Perrin, Katy O’Connor, Dan Morrison, Michael Merritt, and Kristin Hogan.

Blue Genie Art
Blue Genie Art has been one of the longest run artist studios and art businesses in East Austin. Founded in 1999 by Kevin Collins, Dana Younger and Rory Skagen, Blue Genie Art specializes in creating large scale sculptures, murals and various art related theming for a wide variety of local and national companies. They have actively participated in the Austin art scene, creating work for shows as a company and by employees, as well as hosting numerous art exhibitions and the annual Blue Genie Art Bazaar every December.

Bearded Lady
Obsessed with quality and timely printing, Bearded Lady Printing is made up of Josh Chalmers and JD Fanning. With a large number of local and national corporate clients, this East Austin print shop has worked with a wide variety of bands, artists and companies to produce high quality silkscreened artwork. They are an active participant on the annual East Austin Studio Tour and work on personalized art during their spare time.

Michael Schliefke
Michael has lived in Austin since 2002, and has shown his paintings and drawings regularly throughout Austin. In addition to painting, teaching art classes, and painting murals, he also has written and drawn the first two volumes of ‘The Really White Vigilante’, a comic book farce about the gentrification of East Austin.

Ian Shults
Ian is a self taught painter who specializes in painting the desperation and aspirations of lustful women and secret societies. He has worked on various projects for Blue Genie Art as their head sculptor as well as numerous commissions and illustrations for various print mediums in Austin.

Michael Schliefke