Synology® Disk Station DS209+ Scored the Highest "6 Stars" and Received the "LABS Winner" Award from PC Pro Magazine, UK

Synology Disk Station DS209+ scored the highest rate "6 stars" and was awarded the "LABS Winner" medal among nine evaluated NAS devices in the roundup review published on the February 2009 issue of PC Pro Magazine, UK. The editor Sasha Muller, who was in charge of this product review, acclaimed: "When it comes to features and performance the Synology is in a league of its own."

Taipei, Taiwan, February 28, 2009 --( Muller was very impressed by the enhanced AJAX-based management UI and commented: "Once the Synology is up and running it's impressive. The web interface is well presented and, despite the myriad options, easy to navigate. It's even possible to drag the icons of your most used options into a quick-start bar."

The hardware performance of the DS209+ was followed by a burst of applause. The files transfer speed was the fastest among nine reviewed NAS devices. Muller highlighted: "It's fast too. Fitted with a pair of 500GB Western Digital 500AVJS drives, the Synology wrote at 35MB/sec for large files and reading was even faster at 44MB/sec." Muller was impressed by the versatile and advanced features, including local backup, printer sharing, Surveillance Station, web hosting, iTunes, UPnP media serving, and a comprehensive range of remote accessing functions, too. "When it comes to features, the DS209+ has few peers," Muller added.

"We feel honored to be awarded by one of the most reputable IT magazines in the U.K. again," said Edward Lin, marketing director of Synology Inc. "With the new Disk Station Manager 2.1 software, Synology DS209+ and the upcoming 09-series Disk Station Models will further fulfill users' needs of performance, scalability and reliability."

PC Pro is one of the most influential IT magazines published Dennis Publishing Limited in the UK. For over 13 years PC Pro has enabled millions of professional PC users to make the best possible IT decisions through a unique blend of definitive labs-based reviews, provocative and entertaining features. The "LABS Winner" award for Synology DS209+ was given after a joint consideration of its performance, functionality, power consumption and retail price based not only on the solid statistics, but also the objective evaluation from the lab.

Synology at a Glance
Synology Inc., founded in April 2000 by a duo experienced in system designing and marketing, is a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) products provider located in the Taipei city, Taiwan. With a staunch and united team organization, Synology creates and brings forth NAS servers of originality for the global market. Under the breezy yet conscientious team work, Synology embodies the spirit of vitality, creativity, specialty, and versatility, implanting a new breath into the staid NAS business. With our sustained and substantial investment in research and development, Synology is pursing the laurels of contemporary NAS industry on an international scale.

Synology NAS Servers are designed to fulfill its customers' need of security, performance, energy saving, and functionality on a broad range around the globe from prosumers to corporations. Moreover, to practice commitment made to its widespread customers and to provide every possible means of satisfactory services, Synology is using its best endeavors to the establishment a fully developed customer support and service team. Having a vision beyond the visible, Synology NAS Servers signify –Value.

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