GeoMetrix USA Formed to Serve US Market Needs for High Value, Advanced Rail Logistics and Shipment Management Applications

GeoMetrix USA Established to Manage US Sales and Marketing to Rail Shippers. The Company Will Manage Growth of Cutting Edge Rail Shipment, Equipment and Yard Management Applications.

Raleigh, NC, February 28, 2009 --( GeoMetrix USA has been launched to support the explosive growth of Calgary based Quest Computer Consultant's GeoMetrix, Rail Logistics Guidance System. The GeoMetrix application is a powerful set of tools that improve efficiency and reduces hard dollar costs of managing freight rail shipments, railcars, industrial rail yards and relationships with rail roads.

"Geometrix is by far the most user-friendly and intutive rail shipment management application that I have seen. It has a clean, uncluttered user interface that provides critical information to rail logistics managers so that they can be proactive and make better decsions regarding the management of active rail shipments and equipment," said Geometrix USA President and former Manager of Shipper Solutions at Railinc, a divsion of the Association of American Railroads. He went on to add, "In this economic environment companies need specific, targeted solutions that empower thier emplyees to make the best decsions and they need a high quality tool at a high value price. Geometrix delivers the solutions that makes emplyees more productive and has the ability to have direct impact on a company's cash flow statement."

Geometrix USA is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and is responsible for all sales and marketing of the GeoMetrix Rail Logistics Solutions in the United States. Freight rail shippers atand to benefit from recently proposed economic stimulus packages and the GeoMetrix application is the perfect solution for managing shipments of inbound inventory and outbound shipments that will move by rail as many states embark on infratructure projects to stimulate local economies. The ease of use and ultra short learning curve is attractive to companies that need a high power solution but are dealing with restrictive budgets and don't have the time, in-house expertise or desire to employ consultants to help implement less efficient older solutions that have been on the market for 10+ years.

Geometrix USA
Robert Gerard