ClaroConnect Performs Custom Searches to Help Individuals Find a Financial Advisor, which matches individuals to financial advisors, announced a new feature to help people find financial advice. If someone doesn't find their desired financial advisor criteria (such as geography and qualifications) on the website, the company's team of analysts will perform a custom search to contact financial advisors who are the right match for someone's financial goals.

St. Louis, MO, March 02, 2009 --( ClaroConnect ( provides a better way for individuals to find a financial advisor or financial planner. Most people don't know what to look for in an advisor. Also, many people don't realize that there are financial advisors who specialize in areas like socially responsible investing, asset protection for doctors, families with disabled children, teachers, and hundreds of other niches. Someone asking a friend for a referral to their friend's financial planner might not get a good match if their situations are different.

ClaroConnect solves this problem. Individuals can use the detailed search criteria on ClaroConnect's website to search for certain qualifications (such as the CFP, or Certified Financial Planner designation), the type of fee charged (such as fee-only financial advisors), and many other specialties. However, some specific searches and some specific locations might not turn up an exact match for what an individual is looking for.

In February 2009, ClaroConnect launched a new service for these searches. If an exact match isn't returned for a search, individuals can send a message to ClaroConnect describing what they are looking for. ClaroConnect's analyst team will perform a free search, contacting advisors who might be a good fit, and email or call the individual with that information.

This new service continues the company's goal of connecting the right people to the right advisor. Americans need financial help more than ever. By making a better match between an individual's needs and circumstances and a financial advisor's experience and qualifications, the company expects to deliver better financial advice for individuals and better client relationships for financial advisors. The company's website is reaching thousands of people a month, and has seen rapid growth in the number of financial advisors on the site and the number of individuals going to the website and contacting financial planners and advisors.

About ClaroConnect:
ClaroConnect was founded to help people find the right financial professionals and advice for their specific needs. For financial advisors, advertising on ClaroConnect provides a dramatic return on investment compared to the cost of their own time spent in referrals and traditional marketing. The website can be found at

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