WSG Introduces Empire LINLKED

Announcing New Product Social Networking with Resource Planning, Scheduling and Time Entry Software.

New York, NY, February 28, 2009 --( WSG Systems Corp announced today the release of Empire LINKED, its collaboration software linked with resource planning, scheduling and project time entry.

Empire LINKED by WSG Systems Corp combines advanced resource planning and scheduling tools with the collaborative capabilities of a corporate social networking application. Long-term success in any competitive marketplace demands constant innovation. Innovation requires leveraging the experience, abilities and contacts of your staff and maximizing their productivity and utilization. The effectiveness of your company's resource management efforts is measured by how efficiently the right resources - properly skilled and located - are assigned to the correct projects.

With Empire LINKED organizations will be able to:

• Plan and schedule projects using their network of skilled professionals
• Promote collaboration among resources for generating new ideas and improving existing processes
• Gather and analyze feedback from resources for ongoing and completed projects
• Share project data within your secure IT network
• Gather, manage and analyze centralized project and resource data
• Search for and connect with the right resources and the right skills required for your projects
• Search for and connect with new project opportunities

Your professionals can leverage Empire LINKED to collaborate, share ideas, opportunities and knowledge. Connect your employees in your corporate professional network. Your Server, Your Data, Your Network

Corporate "Social Networks" for Resource Management
ACCOUNTING TODAY Poll, December 15, 2008; what new technology products should CPA firms invest in next year? Gary Boomer, Boomer Consulting, Inc., expert says; "Social networking and the establishment of communities are important to firms and their clients. Portals are one component and firms should be implementing them for better client service and compliance...The firm that owns the client portal will be the primary business advisor."

Millions of people participate in online social networking communities. Businesses have only recently started to understand the potential that Web 2.0 technologies can bring to the workplace. WSG Systems Corp is the first software developer to introduce a Corporate Social Networking application designed and integrated with resource scheduling, planning and time recording.

Incorporating the social networking paradigm in a business environment has many benefits:

• Increases participation by orders of magnitude over traditional methods
• Drastically shortens timeframes for staffing project resources
• Promotes collaboration in the management and delivery of projects
• Collaboration fosters involvement and ownership for managers, employees and customers
• No end-user training is required

Best in Class Technology
Senior leaders of all types of corporations are pointing to innovation as critical to the growth and survival of their firms. Yet all too often, internal processes for scheduling resources hamper the collaboration that sparks the new ideas that generate innovation. With the release of Empire LINKED, WSG Systems Corp has engineered a class-leading networking application that provides powerful tools for resource and project collaboration for customers and employees. Empire LINKED can be configured for internal company use or opened to customers, partners and employees.

Some of the key features include:

• Project Groups and Blogs
• Resource Scheduling & Planning
• Automatic Project and Group Inclusion through timesheet entry
• Microsoft Outlook™ Integration
• Training Video uploads
• Single sign-On
• Configurable Micro-Site (landing page with company branding)
• Dashboard reports
• User profiles with employment history
• Job Postings

About WSG Systems Corp
WSG Systems Corp is a software development company whose sole focus is project and resource financial management. Our applications give organizations the tools they need to manage their projects effectively and to identify which projects need extra attention. Our tools make it easy for project teams to work efficiently on your projects and deliver them successfully. WSG's Empire SUITE of applications are non-industry specific with the power and flexibility to support global enterprises. More than 70,000 users in professional service organizations and internal IT shops around the world are using WSG's solutions to ensure the success of their projects and efficient use of their resources. For more information, visit or call +1.212.675.2500

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