VibraSlim’s Vibration Exercise Machine Technology Featured on “The Doctors” and “The Tyra Banks Show”

VibraSlim's Whole-body Vibration is Changing Health and Fitness.

Phoenix, AZ, February 28, 2009 --( The popular TV show “The Doctors” demonstrated and discussed the groundbreaking health/fitness phenomena known as the “Vibration Fitness Machine”. Over the past five years Wholebody Vibration has swept across the USA from Europe and is now commonly used by doctors and physicians to treat patients. Further, Vibration Fitness Machines are now some of the worlds top trainers key training tools. VibraSlim’s technology is also available in a affordable home model called the “Europlate”.

The "The Doctors" TV segment airing February 26, 2009 demonstrates how Vibration Exercise can replicate a 60 minute treadmill workout in 10 minutes. And further, how whole body vibration machine causes the body’s muscles to contract and stretch (just like exercise does), stimulate blood circulation, improve strength and performance, and increase bone density. Other benefits include: total muscle toning, accelerated weightless, cellulite reduction, stress reduction, increased flexibility and faster metabolism, helping to burn fat.

On February 12, 2009, “The Tyra Banks Show” demonstrated VibraSlim’s vibrating technology on a audience member (Kristen) for a ten minute session. Kristen was weighed prior to the exercise and was at 165.6 lbs. After the session she was again weighted in at 164.6, a full pound lighter. Tyra Banks was very excited and impressed with these results. This segment was part of “The Tyra Banks Show” special “Beauty Across America” showcasing the latest fitness, health and beauty techniques that work. Many professional sports teams including Olympic, NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA teams have adopted the vibration fitness machines into daily training programs. This has really given the industry a boost of interest and given consumers the confidence to try Whole Body vibraition.

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