Aboundi Inc. and Yiomau Electric Works Deliver PLC Solution to Factories

Aboundi Electric Connect® with Factory Flexible Wiring System Provides High Speed and Reliable Ethernet Network Solution for the Field’s Complex Environment.

Nashua, NH, March 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Aboundi Inc. the innovative Electric Connect® vendor announced the appointment of Yiomau Electric Works as its solution partner in the Southeast Asia region. With the long experience in providing professional service and high quality products to the industrial customers in Southeast Asia area, Yiomau Electric Works will promote Aboundi Electric Connect® series products to the market. The collaboration will serve the wide industrial customers with customized solutions for more flexible and reliable Ethernet network by utilizing the power systems to meet the requirement of factory automation and control applications.

Aboundi’s innovative “VersatileWire™” technology enables the extension of the ubiquitous Ethernet applications through not only power line but also any other mediums such as coaxial cables, telephone lines, paired communication wires. The high flexibility can enable the users to construct Ethernet networks in different environments without the extra cost of wiring and maintenance. The deployed equipments can be easily reused and replacement to reflect the demands of field’s changeable characteristic.

Yiomau Electric Works provides high quality power distribution and factory automation solutions to the customers. Now they can leverage their service with Electric Connect® to provide high speed, flexible and reliable Ethernet networks to connect many network equipments, for examples, programmable logic controllers, network cameras, industrial computers, HMI units through the 480V electrical trolley ducts.

“We feel comfortable to deliver high quality Electric Connect® series products to our precious customers. The innovative integration of solutions will dramatically solve the problem of flexible networking in the fields and reduce the cost.” said Chun Hsiung Chen, President of Yiomau Electric Works. “As the trend of energy saving and field automation, we provide the high value added products and service with affordable prices to our industrial customers.” Mr. Chen is the funder of Yiomau Electric Works. He was the former President of Taipei Machinery Business Related Association and Chairman of the Chinese Commercial and Industrial Co-ordination Society.

“We are mostly delighted to work with respectable Yaomau Electric Works as partner to serve the industrial customers.” stated Hong Yu, President and CEO of Aboundi Inc.

Aboundi will continuously advance our capability to develop innovative and high-tech products to ensure the networks quality in the complex factory environments.

About Yiomau Electric Works
Established in 1977, Yiomau Electric Works began its business with electric hoist and overhead crane construction that delivered high reliability and safety products to both major traditional manufacturers and Governmental construction projects. It has continued to extend our global business partners with selection of innovative products that cater for integral communications control and energy saving as ultimate our goal. www.yiomau.com.tw/en/index.asp

About Aboundi Inc.
Aboundi Inc.’s Electric Connect® solution is designed to enable high speed Ethernet packets to traverse over many different transmission mediums: in-premise electrical wiring, extended distance for twisted pair wires and long distance coaxial cables. This 'versatile wiring' capability allows us the vast opportunities of solving many physical networking infrastructure connectivity deployment related problems cost effectively and spans across many market segments in applications. Aboundi sells products worldwide through its authorized Distributors and Solution Partners. www.aboundi.com

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