Omega Marketing Group, Inc Sees Strong Increase in Per Inquiry

Per inquiry media is on the rise in 2009 and will continue climbing Omega Marketing Group President predicts.

Crown Point, IN, March 01, 2009 --( Diana Jadin of Omega Marketing Group, a full service media agency located in Crown Point, Indiana announced today a definite spike in the company's per inquiry media business.

Ms. Jadin stated, “The turbulent economy has caused individuals as well as TV and radio stations to look at per inquiry advertising as a profitable advertising vehicle. A per inquiry program is a logical step that creates substantial visibility on stations without the client having to pay for media two weeks in advance. The stations who participate in our per inquiry program also benefit as often the pay out for per inquiry is more than they would make with their standard rate card. Per inquiry benefits the client and the station and is a win-win for everyone."

Ms. Jadin stated that their per inquiry program has expanded in leaps and bounds the past six months.

"We are very selective regarding the per inquiry products that we will accept and offer to stations. We value our relationship with the stations and want to ensure we bring them income producing creative. We do per inquiry the "old school way". We contact stations one by one and ensure they will run the creative before we send it. Some per inquiry companies send out a boatload of dubs to every station they know, hoping someone will run it. This costs the client a lot of money in dub costs. We are just not comfortable operating in that manner,” Ms. Jadin stated.

"We work with the station to offer them the absolute best payout. We work with the client to ensure the stations will run the creative before the client incurs the cost of a dub. We are very selective in the type of per inquiry offer we will take aboard. We usually accept less than one in twenty per inquiry offers. We have had at least one month where we accepted one out of forty per inquiry offers. This past November, specifically the week of Thanksgiving, we were bombarded with per inquiry calls from potential clients." said Diana Jadin.

Omega Marketing Group is a full service media agency located in the historic district of Crown Point, Indiana. Established in 2000, Omega Marketing Group has purchased millions of dollars in direct response advertising, works on a variety of advertising, author relations and press releases for a myriad of clients. They provide per inquiry media services and media co-op programs. The agency also has a project management division and data base solutions division.

For more information on co-op advertising, contact Diana Jadin at 219 226 3068.

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