How to Save More in Tough Times - Every Penny Series by

Top ways to save money in this difficult economy. These 5 ways to help 50+ Americans save money, without lowering standard of living. Seniors and its writers are authorities on helping Seniors save money on daily expenses.

Lincoln, NE, March 03, 2009 --( Here are some easy ways to save money for Seniors specifically, but this list is pertinent to most groups.

1. Insurance: Ask if raising your premium will cut down on the monthly cost. This is an option especially when driving an order vehicle.

2. Banking: Creditors are more open to renegotiation. Credit Card companies will change their rates. Call and demand better terms. This will provide an opportunity to lower your balance.

3. Shopping: Change grocery chains to a less expensive group.

4. Cellular: Cutting back on your cell phone use is very important and will help save on going over current programs.

5. Cars: Make sure tires are fully inflated. Under pressurized tires will cause excess fuel usage.

These tips should benefit all Seniors.


Troy Weston

Troy Weston