Skiurlaub Tirol – Tirol Winterurlaub Industry Weathers the Economy

Skiurlaub Tirol economy in Austria has been able to withstand the first wave of economic recession this ski season but near future may be cause for worries.

St. Johann, Austria, March 02, 2009 --( The world economy is moving towards a recession and consumers are keeping a closer eye on their spending. The winter holiday and ski holiday in Tirol is an important economic income in their tourism industry and, much to their chagrin, is not recession proof.

The Austrian tourism industry is predicted to decrease by 3% in terms of sales, however, the Tyrolean tourist industry is hoping to weather the winter holiday´s economical slight decline with the summer holiday due to its cheaper rates.

“Winter holidays are always more expensive than the summer holiday in Tirol.” said Patrick Neuner of St. Johanner Hof Hotel in Tirol. “Especially for families with two children or more, which is why families are staying at home for the winter holidays and saving their money to spend it in the summer this year. “

So far, hotels such as the St. Johanner Hof in Tirol have not been hit hard by the current economy. Yet, their winter reservations have not exceeded expectations. To make up for it, their summer reservations for 2009 have been doing well so far.

Unfortunately, the near future does not look so bright. It will be much harder to predict Winter Sales in 2010, but economists are saying that the crisis will start in the summer of 2009 and swap over to the winter of 2010.

Hotels in Tirol, like the St. Johanner Hof, are hoping to benefit despite the economy during the summer holiday months. Tourists looking to save money are expected to take shorter holidays and travel by car.

Since a lot of destinations in the South can only be reached by plane, a short stay would be financially inefficient.

This means that Tirol can benefit since tourists who are used to going further South during the summer months will now consider Tirol as a vacation option.

Despite the economic crisis, people still want to go on vacations even if it means taking a shorter holiday to a nearby region.

Economists are warning that cheap offers are not the solution. It will impact future investments, and dropped prices will harm the marked in long term.

This is the perfect opportunity to present the uniqueness of Tirol and its benefits to tourists by offering special summer deals, like the St. Johanner Hof hotel is doing, in preparation for the summer months.

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