Stunning New Music Video from Niva

R&B HipHop Soul Indie artist Niva releases New song and video. 'Pretty Butterfly.'

New York, NY, March 03, 2009 --( Independent R&B singer songwriter ‘Niva’ has released her second song and video.

The song ”pretty butterfly”, is a prolific and provocative look at physical, mental and emotional violence against women and young girls and issues of self esteem. The song continues the theme from Niva’s first song and video release “I will make it”, which was a hugely popular song and video on the internet which gained Niva major exposure. Niva originally from Houston Texas now residing in New York city explained that she wrote the song to express her own feelings of low self esteem and low self worth when she was growing up in the housing projects of Houston. According to niva the song pretty butterfly also deals with the issues of violence against women. Niva says “ This song is about not just physical violence but also mental and emotional violence against women and young girls by the people in their lives. Women and girls can inflict some of the most horrific mental and emotional abuse on each other”. According to Niva the song pretty butterfly is not just her story but the story of so many women and young girls of so many communities all over the world. “We often hear about women being physically abused but mental and emotional abuse can leave lasting scars just as severe as physical abuse”. During the interview with niva she talked about being physically beaten and abused by men and women and constantly suffering physiological abuse. “This is my personal story, I went thru this. I want women who suffer from the emotional trauma they received in their lives to know that they are beautiful like little butterflies. They are wonderful no matter what anyone says”.

According to Terrance Oats of soul griots music group nivas management company, “when we first heard the song pretty butterfly we knew that it was a powerful song with a great message and we knew that we would feature it as a download and eventually make the video”.

Niva’s pretty butterfly video was produced by new black the same people that discovered her after she came to New York. The pretty butterfly video has been described by many as stunning and powerful yet very simple. Niva explained that Jonathan of new black based the video on the “Stay” video by the country music group Sugarland. No special effects or fancy gimmicks just the power of a woman’s tears. The pretty butterfly video is on every major music website. Niva talked about The feedback from the video being amazing and overwhelming. Niva said “I’ve had women write to me and tell me about their abuse and the abuse of their daughters by family and friends. Some women say that their young daughters keep watching the video over and over”. According to niva the main message in her song pretty butterfly is “I want all women and young girls to feel beautiful and feel valuable and love themselves”.

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