Generation Jones' New Social Voyeurs Leading to the Promised Land in Music and Politics

Philadelphia, PA, March 04, 2009 --( Members of Generation Jones, including the new band New Social Voyeurs, are the new leaders in politics and music in many ways these days, so says Rob Sobol, the singer of the new pop song “Try,” and other social commentators. Generation Jones members, born from 1954 to 1965, were formerly lumped in with the baby boom generation. We're "reaching out for new frontiers, they’re knocking down those doors,” sings Rob, leader of the new band New Social Voyeurs, in the new "Try" now posted for a limited period of time on the band's website,

Says Jonathan Pontell, who coined the term "Generation Jones," "We are practical idealists, forged in the fires of social upheaval while too young to play a part. The name "Generation Jones" derives from a number of sources, including our historical anonymity, the "keeping up with the Joneses" competition of our populous birth years, and sensibilities coupling the mainstream with ironic cool. But above all, the name borrows from the slang term "jonesin' " that we as teens popularized to broadly convey any intense craving."

Says Rob, “Generation Jones members, of which I am one, are in the vanguard and leading the way these days. That is clear from a lot of things happening recently - the election of Barack Obama, the resurgence of classic rock artists in the Grammies, the latest classic rock versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and in many other ways. I think it is because we were raised in an idealistic era, with an unusual emphasis on creativity, love, nonviolence, tolerance, and pragmatism. Folks are looking to get past the ugliness and intolerance of the past few decades, and us GenJones folks are helping to show the way because of the environment in which we grew up.”

Rob was the lead singer / songwriter from the band Social Voyeurs, which was the Philadelphia buzz band that appeared on Ed McMahon's StarSearch television show, an earlier incarnation of the type of show that American Idol has become. Other former SV members Mark Newman and Bob Nolen have also joined NSV.

Straus and Howe, well-known experts in generational dynamics, once predicted that when they hit old age, the boomers would make very effective, charismatic and inspirational elders, once memories of how selfish, self-indulgent and incompetently reckless they may have been in their prime have faded.

Adds Rob, “Music can be very inspirational. The song “Try” was written very deliberately to evoke another era and bring it into the present. From musical, literary and historical references, to a refrain about trying to “love a little bit more,” it is my little contribution to reaffirming the power of music to cheer up, lead and illuminate. We need that kind of message in these very tough times. That was the big message of “flower power,” which I was too young too fully appreciate at the time, but now I definitely “get it” and want others to get it as well!”

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