BlogTalkRadio Host Keith D. Miller on His “AmericaFirst” February 27, 2009, Segment Calls for March 26 to be "D-Day"

Talk Show host issues call for "D-Day" (Demand Day) rallies to be held at America's state capitals March 26, 2009.

Republic, MO, ME, March 03, 2009 --( Keith D. Miller the host of BlogTalkRadio's conservative talk show, "AmericaFirst" (, called for March 26, 2009 to be declared as "D-Day" on his February 28, 2009 program. Miller started the show by giving a "true state of the union" and then proceeded to call for Americans to join together on March 26th all 50 states capitals for what he called "Demand Day.

"In my opinion, the Federal government is out of control and unresponsive to the people of these United States," said Miller. He continued his opinion with, "Congress has repeatedly encroached upon the rights of the people and the States in clear violation of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. They have not honored the provisions of Article 4: Section. 4. of the Constitution by failing to "guarantee to every State in this union a Republican Form of Government" and "protect each of them against invasion."

Miller continued with, "The Founding Fathers believed (as outlined in the Federalist Papers) the state legislatures were to be the first line of defense for the people of these United States against the Federal governments attempts at exercising rights not given to them by the Constitution or in violation of constitutional authority " went on to explain. "The purpose of these D-Day or Demand Day rallies at the various state capitals is to bring a groundswell of pressure upon our state governments. We will demand the state governments serve notice to the Federal government, that these usurpations or encroachments will not be tolerated."

Keith D. Miller, a native of Dexter, Kansas, served as Co-Chair of the Support Republic Committee formed to stand against a legal challenge of the city seal, as Director of Development for the National Legal Foundation, two terms as the Mayor of Republic, Missouri, as Missouri Team Leader for Former Speaker Newt Gingrich's American Solutions, and as a Regional Coordinator for Missouri Roundtable for Life.

Complete information about the "D-Day" Project can be found on Miller's website: or

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