Is a Messiah in America's Future?

The release announces the release of American Messiah, a novel with the power to expand horizons.

Baltimore, MD, March 03, 2009 --( Political Scientist/author James A. Hall ( is proud to announce the publication of the ultimate post-apocalyptic adventure, American Messiah (14.99/North Star Publications). This 332 page captivating science fiction thriller is laced with profound probabilities that maybe unfolding in today’s headlines.

This harrowing depiction of a future America combines a bit of history, Biblical scripture and a lot of imagination. American Messiah tells how righteousness and social equality is obliterated following an economic meltdown, leaving behind corruption and disparity to govern the New America.

Feeding on by hated and faithlessness, an ancient and inscrutable usurp the American presidency, replacing him with one of the minions.

As the nation titters on the edge of the abyss, an African American child is born, his coming long prophesied. As the Barak Obama-like figure matures into manhood, his legend grows and so does his following (bridging traditional racial, ethic and class chasms) until he is a force to be reckoned with. In a crucial clash, one that has both imminent and eternal implications, the American Messiah takes the fight to the forces of evil.

The novel offers a terrifying, yet a sobering caution to the nation. American Messiah challenges force-driven foreign policies, debt-driven economics, and the deification of excess.

James A. Hall is a long-time educator, social activist and author of two controversial books. He’s also contributed to political and historical journal: including the Virginia National Historical Society and Future American. Mr. Hall is an award winning scholar receiving fellowship grants from the National Science Fellowship and Society for the Advancement for Urban Studies.

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