YogaFit® and Take5Moment™ Deliver Yoga to the Desk Worker to Relieve Workplace Stress

Partnership unites Yoga and Technology to bring movement, meditation and balance to stressed-out employees in just five minutes. Beth Shaw and top YogaFit instructors deliver short Take5Yoga™ videos by Take5Moment that focus on releasing tension and energizing workers in order to increase productivity and improve the health of the deskbound.

Vista, CA, March 03, 2009 --( Computer-based working environments leave millions of people exhausted and uncomfortable by the end of their work day, which leads to sickness, absenteeism and rising rates of depression. YogaFit has designed specific 5-minute yoga stretches targeting key computer-related problem areas, such as neck and shoulder tension, core strengthening and proper back alignment. Leveraging Take5Moment’s momentum in the online health and wellness market, YogaFit will reach thousand of computer-bound workers in over 89 countries with the healing benefits of yoga and meditation right where they need it most – at their desktops.

“Taking five minutes every hour to stretch and breathe is the fundamental principle that Take5Moment was founded on. Partnering with experts such as Beth Shaw of YogaFit, we offer stress strategies from innovative experts in the fields of exercise, nutrition, meditation, integrative medicine, motivation and other stress-relieving modalities to deliver messages of wellness and hope to an international audience,” said Sherry Zak Morris, CEO of “Video is the medium du jour because of its powerful impact in getting a message across in mere minutes. We live in a visually dynamic world, so trying to do yoga stretches while reading a magazine article or scanning volumes of pages on diet advice is not as efficient or effective,” says Morris.

Beth Shaw and Sherry Zak Morris have an extensive history of yoga and wellness that has spawned their individual desires to reach more people with the healing benefits of yoga. As the founder of YogaFit®, the leader in mind body fitness education, Beth Shaw is committed to bringing yoga to every body. Having trained over 70,000 fitness professionals worldwide, YogaFit continues to expand by offering education, training tools and merchandise. As a stressed-out corporate warrior in the computer-related field for decades, Sherry Zak Morris came to yoga because of workplace stress. Now a yoga studio owner and video producer, her mission is to share strategies that empower people to take control of their own health and wellness. The two have now collaborated on this Take5Yoga series to address the current health challenges of our computer-based society.

“Moving yoga practice into our workday is a natural extension of integrating the power of yoga to change the way we live in our bodies,” says YogaFit Founder, Beth Shaw. “If we are frozen in one position for hours a day, no matter how much yoga or exercise we do in non-work hours, we will feel the adverse effects of this sedentary position. If you work at the computer and find you lack energy, have low back pain and experience continual muscle tension, then you need to stretch every hour. With Take5Moment’s online video delivery, YogaFit delivers targeted physical and mental relief right at your computer,” concludes Shaw.

About Take5Moment
Take5Moment is an innovative YouTube-esque video and content library of 5-minute “moments” targeted to desk workers, harried people and over-extended employees who are feeling over-whelmed, short on time and need a healthy break. Experts from multiple disciplines share their health and wellness knowledge in short video segments or blogs meant to relax, refresh, regroup and recharge their audience. Take5Moment content is delivered via multiple communication vehicles beyond the internet, including Cable TV as “Stress Relief” commercials, on DVDs which focus on specific stress-reduction strategies, content clips in print media as well as talk radio. For more info visit

About YogaFit
YogaFit has trained over 70,000 fitness professionals and yoga instructors at facilities in the U.S. and internationally, and has been integral in the practice of yoga becoming a primary part of health club, gym and spa programming throughout the world. The company and training program have expanded over the years, and now feature internationally renowned programs for training fitness professionals in the YogaFit style. YogaFit offers eco-friendly activewear, custom CDs and numerous certifications for fitness professionals. For more information visit

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