JDDMedia Announces the Launch of its New Corporate Website, Produced by Joshua Dinnerman

Detroit, MI, July 11, 2006 --(PR.com)-- International publisher and media pro Joshua Dinnerman has introduced a bigger and better general site for his media group. The site www.jddmediaworld.com is now live.

The www.jddmediaworld.com site was developed to provide basic information and Joshua Dinnerman's various media content areas and media focus.

"We were in need of a bigger general site," said Dinnerman.

Joshua Dinnerman is well known for having created some very unique media products and produces media products that are targeted and offer strong distribution and marketing.

About JDDMedia

JDDMedia (jddmediaworld.com) is an international developer, owner and operator of niche content, media products such as magazines, speciality publications, online publishing, photos and copy for multiple subject categories. JDDMedia, short for Joshua David Dinnerman Media, has also used its niche content for various other media programs in radio and braodcast. JDDMedia also does research, consulting, training and has an affiliated public relations and advertising agency.

Joshua Dinnerman