Real-Time ARINC429 Card Ready for Production

Cosateq is presenting the new PCI-interface card for the ARINC429 Bus.

Wangen, Germany, March 04, 2009 --( Cosateq – a software and hardware specialist based in Wangen – is introducing its first own hardware PCI-interface card.

The CO-PCIA429 card enables a quick and cost efficient connection of a standard PC System to control units, actuators and sensors over ARINC429 and may be used in the various fields of application, e.g. controlling, simulation or visualization.

The CO-PCIA429 is optimized for operation in real-time systems. Communication and caching over PCI is optimized for a smallest possible overhead, but gives the engineer full control over the ARINC429 bus system.

The CO-PCIA429 card is available in three versions:
- CO-PCIA429/4 with 4 transmitter und 4 receiver
- CO-PCIA429/8 with 8 transmitter und 8 receiver
- CO-PCIA429/16 with 16 transmitter und 16 receiver

All channels may be configured independently. Every TX-channel is designed with 24 transmit and the RX channel with 36 receive buffers. For received messages a timestamp with a resolution of 60µs is provided.

The CO-PCIA429 PCI interface card is supported by the Linux (Kernel 2.6) and real-time simulation environment SCALE-RT. The new SCALE-RT version 5.0 includes drivers for the CO-PCIA429 card for seamless and easy installation with SCALE-RT real-time simulation environment, especially for users not familiar with Linux. Integration of Microsoft Windows and LabView is coming soon.

SCALE-RT 5.0 comprises extensions for the simulation frontend Matlab/Simulink® within the scope of supply; it enables an easy integration of the CO-PCIA429 card in existing and new real-time simulation systems.

The Linux-based SCALE-RT real-time simulation environment offers a flexible host-target prototyping environment for applications running on a cost-efficient PC-compatible hardware. SCALE-RT is a scalable product based on open-source software, which includes the reliable Linux kernel with real-time Xenomai extension. It supports powerful multi-core processor architectures and a wide variety of I/O hardware.

By integrating seamless into simulation tools like Scilab and Scicos®, MATLAB® Simulink® (incl. Stateflow®), SimulationX® or Dymola. SCALE-RT offers a comprehensive software suite for the development of professional applications. SCALE-RT is extremely flexible, cost-effective, and scalable. There are 3 variations of the product available: classic, concert, and opus.

About ARINC 429
ARINC 429 is the standard for the predominant avionics data bus used on most higher-end commercial and transport aircraft. The ARINC 429 standard exists as high and low speed data bus. Messages are transmitted at 12.5 kbps (low speed data bus) or at 100 kbps (high-speed data bus).

This ARINC429 serial port is similar to the differential EIA-422 serial interface standard. In difference there are three instead of two voltage levels defined (+10V, 0V und -10V).

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