SchmartBoard Announces a Line of 6 Regulated Power Modules

Reusable SchmartModules can power circuits for only $15.

Fremont, CA, March 04, 2009 --( SchmartBoard announced today the release of six useful single voltage regulated power SchmartModules, which are designed to offer a quick, easy and inexpensive option for users to power up their circuits.

SchmartBoards connect together and are called “Electronic Circuit Building Blocks”. The purpose of SchmartBoard’s prototyping system is for users to easily hand solder components onto SchmartBoards using our “ez” technology, which makes soldering any surface mount component easy. When possible, connecting SchmartModules, which are popular functional circuit blocks, is even quicker and easier.

“SchmartBoard is similar in approach to software development, but for electronic circuit prototyping,” says Neal Greenberg, SchmartBoards VP of sales and marketing. “In software, one may design the core code and add popular software blocks around it rather than rewriting code that already exists. These SchmartModules are the equivalent of software blocks that an engineer would source and glue to his code. Why redesign or solder a popular circuit block such as RS232 for instance? We now have power and I/O SchmartModules and will be adding many more modules over the coming months.”

The Regulated Power Modules come in 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, 3.3, 5 and 9 volts. The suggested retail price for each is $15.

About SchmartBoard (
SchmartBoardTM is committed to helping engineers, students and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. SchmartBoard’s patented Electronic Circuit Building Blocks makes this possible. SchmartBoard’s “EZ” Technology and Solder By NumbersTM program makes the soldering of surface mount components and circuit creation accessible to virtually anyone.

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Missy Bindseil