Genescient and Kronos Announce Alzheimer's Disease Collaboration

Genescient Corporation and Kronos Science Laboratory will work together to analyze the Kronos Alzheimer's Case-Control Database, considered to be the finest Alzheimer's Disease genetic data set in the US. The companies hope to identify genes previously unrecognized genes that are involved in Alzheimer's Disease.

Irvine, CA, March 04, 2009 --( Genescient Corporation (“Genescient”) and Kronos Science Laboratory, Inc. (“Kronos”) have entered into a collaborative agreement. Genescient will use its proprietary genomic technology to analyze Kronos' Alzheimer's Case-Control data set. The companies hope to identify genes that may be involved in Alzheimer's Disease, but have yet to be recognized. The Kronos Alzheimer's data is considered to be the highest quality Alzheimer's Disease genetic data set in the US.

A recent study by Johns Hopkins University estimates that in 2006, Alzheimer's Disease affected 26.6 million people worldwide. This number is expected to quadruple by 2050. The Alzheimer's Association estimates that “the direct costs to Medicare and Medicaid for care for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias and the indirect costs to business for employees who are caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s and other dementias amount to more than $148 billion annually.”

Genescient has already identified over 750 unique human genomic pathways that may be associated with the diseases of aging; of these, it has verified over one hundred. These pathways are implicated in cardiovascular disease, Diabetes Type II, and other chronic diseases. Genescient will use its knowledge of the pathways it has discovered, to probe the Kronos Alzheimer's Disease data set.

Genescient's approach is a marked departure from the standard method of identifying correlation between genes and disease. Whereas conventional approaches seek to identify individual genetic pathways responsible for disease, modern biology has demonstrated that single genetic pathway diseases are the exception. Most diseases, particularly the aging-related diseases that Genescient is concerned with, are caused by complex interactions within genomic networks.

While other approaches see only small parts of the genomic networks responsible for a disease, Genescient's technology enables researchers to probe the entire biochemical machinery behind chronic diseases. This insight puts Genescient at the leading edge of a revolution in medicine that may ultimately lead to effective treatments for aging, the disorder that ultimately kills most of us.

About Genescient Corporation:

Genescient Corporation is a California genomics company specializing in the discovery and screening of therapeutic substances for the treatment of the chronic diseases of aging.

About Kronos Science Laboratory, Inc.:

Kronos Science Laboratory is dedicated to the discovery and commercialization of innovative new technologies for the improvement of human health and longevity. Kronos also operates the Kronos Longitudinal Aging Study (“KLAS”).


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