KCM, Inc. Is Proud to Announce the Release of Iggy's Crush - the Movie

New York, NY, March 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Iggy's Crush a new hit Comedy feature film created by Kcm, Inc. & starring Actor Keith Collins hits production and is set to be released in 2011. Iggy's Crush will be filmed in New Jersey & executive produced by Kcm, Inc. with many other production companies ready to sign on. Keith Collins who plays Iggy gives the audience a new character of comedy to fall in love with. With a few award winning directors having interest in directing Iggy on his journey around the garden state of NJ all are very pleased to bring this character to life on the big screen. Written by Kcm, Inc. with Keith Collins and others to be named soon. Iggy's Crush is set to hit the big screen by storm with documentary style filming view the world through the eyes of the one and only Iggy.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Iggy one of the most beloved guys who falls in and out of love with so many different celebrity crushes just by seeing their pictures and videos via tabloids or his favorite toy the TV. Unable to make decisions & be on his own Iggy relies on his devoted mother to help him along the way. That is until iggy strays away and gets left behind on a local field trip is when his wondering eyes and curiosity takes over as he is never allowed out alone.

Join Iggy on his journey through life to find his true love Paris Hilton and with his mommy fast on his track to get him back home, seeing the world through Iggy's eyes is just well, something of a sight to see.

A comedy feature and a fall in love with tale which will have you on the floor laughing, crying, feeling compassion & making you understand the real power of love.

Myspace.com/IggysCrush for a sneak peak as what to look forward to

Iggy's Crush The Movie has begun its pre-production stages with Kcm, Inc. and is set for a completion and release date in early 2011.

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