Large Photos of Famous Places and Landscapes Now Available Free Online

Talented hobbyist photographers team up to give away 4MP files of their best works of famous landmarks, cities, national parks, aerial shots and landscapes from around world.

Sonoma, CA, January 20, 2010 --( No need to pay for a high resolution shot of the Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge or a lovely sunset. Shots of these and numerous other famous landmarks, cities and places from around the world are now available free at

More than 2,600 images sized 4MP or larger are available through The site’s developer and manager, Roy Tennant of Sonoma, Calif., said, “The photos are free to individuals for personal use, but if they are used on a web site a photo credit and a link to the web site are required.” Commercial interests are charged $50 a shot if an image is used to sell a product or to promote a business or organization.”

Currently, has the work of six photographers organized under hundreds of categories. Some of the famous cities and locations represented are: Paris, New York City, Washington D.C., Sydney, San Francisco, Quebec City, New Orleans, Yosemite, the Sonoma and Napa Valleys, Niagara Falls, the Sierra Nevada, the Rocky Mountains, and Banff National Park. contains dozens of shots from the countries of Canada, Australia, France, Jordan, the Netherlands, Oman, South Korea, Switzerland and Thailand. There are also shots of landmarks and scenery from the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, New York, Oregon and Utah. also contains more than 300 aerial shots, and has a variety of images of bridges, beaches, sunrises, clouds, lakes, rivers, flowers, birds, animals, whitewater rafting, museums, lighthouses, churches, artwork, and Roman and Nabataean Antiquities.

The photographs are the work of Roy Tennant, Carol Bean, David Chudnov, Mike Kramer, Daniel Kunkel and Elena Tennant. At 16, Elena is the youngest of the team. Information about each photographer is available at

“I’m always interested in adding more photographers to the team,” said Tennant. “They must be experienced hobbyists who produce high quality work and share our philosophy of wanting to give away high resolution images for people to enjoy.”

Tennant added, “It’s very gratifying when someone tells you how much they appreciate receiving a high quality free image of their most favorite place in the world.”

Interested photographers can contact Tennant by visiting

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Roy Tennant 707-287-5580