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'The Day of Jehovah' a Book Released Today

Dr. Derrick Whitt shares from his experience as a Jehovah's Witness and Christ-based advice to help those who want to exit out of the religion.

Syracuse, NY, July 11, 2006 --( Asked about the recent scandals plaguing the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and a number of Witnesses leaving the sect, Derrick Whitt has this to say: “I am not so surprised because Jehovah’s Witnesses had this coming to them and the world is beginning to see cracks on the Watchtower and it is increasing growing; this is where I am going to make their hole bigger by helping them leave…and they say that there is no way out of it.”

This same outspoken, energetic minister and teacher had made available a Christ-based counseling approach to leaving the sect by studying Revelation entitled, The Day of Jehovah Is Near: Is The Watchtower Society Ready for it?

Dr. Derrick does not go into doctrinal teachings much but to provide advice for those interested in leaving the Witnesses and to start their new life in Christ and, that it is not going to be an easy task.

“After years of indoctrination and fear of being destroyed at Armageddon when one is shunned from their family and friend in the Organization, that is all they know but it is going to take the Word of God and The Person of The Holy Spirit to get their conscience stirred up to do so,” he notes.

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Derrick Whitt is a Bible teacher and writer residing in Syracuse, NY.

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