G-4 Golf Swing Trainer - New Golf Training Aid

Minnepolis, MN, March 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- A new training aid for golfers of all abilities was brought to market. The G-4 Swing Trainer uses the same type of dynamic stretch bands, which are currently used in training and rehabilitation world wide, applied specifically to the golf swing.

The product is the invention of two average golfers (15 handicap) looking to improve their games during the winter months in Minnesota. Invented originally just to improve the conditioning of the muscles specific to golf, the G-4 Swing Trainer was quickly found to easily add 15 to 20 degrees of rotation to the average golfers swing, adding an average of thirty (30) yards to their drive.

Additionally, the device when used as directed corrects the amateur golfers swing path, diminishing or eliminating the dreaded hooks and slices which frustrate most amateur golfers.

“ I have added about thirty yards to my drive, and I am taking money off my regular foursome about every other time we play” said Dennis Bain Minneapolis, MN. “ I was about ready to sell my clubs. But since using it (G-4 Swing Trainer) I think I can play the game I love a couple more years.” Dick Laboe age 82 Minneapolis, MN.

The G-4 Swing Trainer is manufactured in Brooklyn Park, MN And is available for purchase through their website: www.g4swingtrainer.com

G-4 Golf Swing Trainer
Nivk Marino