Techabase Just Released a New Software Package That Actually Contains Business Intelligence

Techabase just released a new software package that actually contains business intelligence. This application allows users to perform data retrieval requests on any database/platform combination using a single application.

Litchfield, NH, March 06, 2009 --( It's about time.

Techabase allows anybody access to their data. With this application, business intelligence is actually here. Techabase performs data extractions from any supported operating system/database server combination(s) using a single application. The actual output can be either sampled on screen (first 20 records) or generated into a spreadsheet.

Techabase is a Read Only application. No data manipulation can be performed. All data access is restricted to the respective existing server/database security definitions.

The amazing part is that the software will actually derive how your entire database is structured. It will determine how all files/tables are related all by itself and allow maintenance to review/modify the derived connections.

That's not all, it also allows the renaming of fields to an alias field name. Aliases allow you to include the desired data into your output without specifying the actual file/field. It will actually derive the desired value using the derived/defined connections.

It also supports independent fields. These fields can be used throughout the application and contain common values. An example would be "Current Quarter End Date". By simply changing the value in the appropriate maintenance program, any data extraction definition will utilize the new value whenever referenced.

When all the base definitions are defined, there is no need for any additional technical expertise involvement. Freeing up your technical staff for more important tasks. The users are completely independent and free to perform data extractions wherever and whenever.

Just imagine, you need to know all the orders that were for an item that was sold in the last 6 months, in a zip code range and the qty ordered was greater that 100.

With Techabase, that data extraction is easy. You can build internal fields (for the zip codes and qty 100) and test all fields to include/exclude in the spreadsheet output.

Techabase Professional/Light versions allow full backup/restore of any/all definitions. This function allows one person to setup and maintain the base values for each desired server. Once Server Definitions, Database File/Field Extract, Derive connections, Aliases, Independent Fields, Image Fields and even actual data extraction requests are defined, they can be backed up and restored on another computer that contains the light version. This allows the light version users the full data extraction capability without access to the base maintenance programs. Thus, all light version users will be on the same page.

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