MySnowBuddy Gives Mountain Goers a New Way to Stay Connected

The launch of a new social network application offers skiers and snowboarders an affordable and sustainable way to hit the slopes.

Vancouver, Canada, March 06, 2009 --( MySnowBuddy is a new online community targeting ski and snowboard enthusiasts in Western Canada. The social network application helps local mountain goers stay connected and offers a free and easy-to-use ride share program.

Inspired by social network applications, the tool is aimed at 16 to 30-year olds in the Lower Mainland. Following a soft launch on February 15, 2009 exclusively on Facebook, the application has already seen over 200 users and is picking up interest amongst both mountain goers and local ski and snowboard resorts.

Alongside the ride share program, MySnowBuddy also enables users to meet other people within the community, plan trips with friends and family, buy and sell ski and snowboard gear, check for local mountain conditions, promote an active and green lifestyle, and even save on resort and lift passes.

MySnowBuddy was created by a group of four passionate individuals wanting to use their love of technology to stay connected on and off the mountain. “We really wanted to develop a tool that allows users to connect and network with each other, while embracing technology with positive change,” says Kenny Grant, co-founder of MySnowBuddy.

Hoping to tackle the demands of rising gas prices, limited resort parking spaces, and rising carbon emissions, MySnowBuddy offers users an affordable and sustainable ride share program. “With less than one year until the 2010 Winter Olympics, we know that this tool will be extremely useful during the Olympics when transportation to the local mountains will be high and parking will be nearly impossible,” says Grant. “And even when the Olympics are over, we believe that MySnowBuddy will continue to help the ski and snowboard community stay connected and make local mountains more accessible than ever.”

MySnowBuddy provides up-to-date information on five of the Lower Mainland’s most popular ski and snowboard resorts, including Whistler/Blackcomb, Grouse, Cypress, Seymour, and Hemlock Valley.


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Kenny Grant