Aboundi Inc. Debuts Its VersatileWire™ Solution for the Ethernet Over Long Distance Twisted Pair Wiring Connectivity Applications

Innovative VersatileWire™ essential facility deployment device allows quick and reliable Ethernet connectivity over extended twisted pair wiring distance with the ease of plug and play.

Nashua, NH, March 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Aboundi Inc., the innovative Electric Connect® and WebEyeAlert® vendor announced the availability of its ACX1000 VersatileWire™ Adaptor which allows high speed Ethernet deployment for remote device networking applications utilizing the legacy in-premise or out-of-premise twisted pair wiring or coaxial cable infrastructure within the establishment’s facility.

The ACX1000 allows termination via RJ11, RJ45 or F-connector coaxial connectivity with networking distance beyond the limited one hundred (100) meters as with traditional switch based CAT5/6 specifications. It is designed both to minimize the obsolescence of the pre-existing wiring which may have extended distance and expensive rewiring propositions. It can be deployed in conjunction with the APL4200 series family of UPS Enabled Quad NetBridge™ or as a stand-alone device.

“We are very delighted to have discovered Aboundi’s VersatileWire™ solution,” commented by Craig Hansen, Installation Manager of POS2goNY. “We had an awkward situation where a POS application needs to be networked between the main lodge and the remote site over 600 feet in distance and WiFi was not particular useful in the situation due to environmental limitations. Although the electrician contractor has unknowingly pulled the CAT5 cable beyond 600 feet from the main lodge to the remote facility, Aboundi’s ACX1000 easily solved the new POS deployment deadline cost effectively.”

“I was very pleased when both Aboundi and POS2goNY showed me how our POS network was up and running on schedule”, said Matt Buck, President of Plattdeutche, a 123 years German American Club based in Franklin Square , NY. “We needed such application up and running flawlessly for our scheduled upcoming Oktoberfest events and POS2goNY has delivered its promise.”

“The ACX1000 together with the APL4200-200 devices provided us with a fast and yet reliable LAN installation that reduced our Total Cost of Deployment”, said Bill Gordon, President of POS2goNY. “We proved our credibility as an innovative and yet reliable system integrator partner to our customers in this very unique application and achieved great savings.”

“Our innovative ACX1000 device is just another solution that allows Aboundi to continuously develop solutions outside-the box”, said Hong Yu, President and CEO of Aboundi Inc. “ We response expediently to the market demands and continuously develop solutions that foster the best value proposition to our customers.”

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POS2goNY provides an innovative restaurant POS solution by combining leading hardware, software and service in a package that save our customers thousands. We revolutionizing restaurant POS.

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Aboundi is a leading company in providing commercially advanced and innovative IP based Open System Remote Video Security/Surveillance Monitoring and Management Platform solutions to the Enterprise, Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMB) and POS/Retail customers encompassing their existing facility wiring as the Networking infrastructure.

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