Bringing Natural Language Programming to the Masses

Wennigsen, Germany, July 12, 2006 --( Vandinburg Research brings the power of Natural Language Programming to both the beginner and professional programmer who seek to integrate advanced natural language communication based technology into both software and hardware for use in everyday life.

Vandinburg Research has kick started its newest project code named "NATIVE." The project's aim is to bring the power of Natural Language Programming to the growing community that consists of millions of novice to advanced professional software developers. Since the launch of project "NATIVE," a strong community has been built up. Much of this excitement is due in part to the diverse range of benefits that Natural Language Programming will bring to the computing community at large.

Natural Language Programming software has the potential to transform and enhance everyday lives. By starting this project Vandinburg Research shows their commitment to the ideals and principles of their mission into action. Project "NATIVE" will put the power of Natural Language Programming into the hands of an exploding community of programmers. Vandinburg Research believes that it is time to finally take up the challenge of designing and implementing this type of technology so that many people from all walks of life can benefit immediately.

Vandinburg Research
Dr. Ezechias Emmanuel