Activity Timing Solved for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM by Self-install Native Add-in by Management Technology Consulting LLC.

Another simple add-in to Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM platform by Management Technology Consulting (MTC) adds immediate value to any Dynamics CRM solution by accurately tracking and reporting exact time for all CRM Activities by all CRM users. Better client activity time tracking makes better client relations and more revenue realized.

Los Angeles, CA, March 08, 2009 --( At a time when most businesses are looking to their CRM solution for improvements in revenue and productivity as well as cost savings, ActivityTimer for Dynamics CRM offers a low-cost functionality addition that encourages productivity, puts a measurement to user and task performance, and enhances costing and billing functions. Simple intuitive settings allow solution-wide timing function control that includes:

· Stopwatch started and stopped by User for a larger Task type Activities
· Stopwatch started on Activity open stopped and recorded by close
· User start/stop Override at Activity Level
· Automatic Fixed-Time for automated Activities and Workflow i.e. template emails, letters, or fax
· Hide or Show Stopwatch time appearance in CRM Activities

As a self-install native CRM functionality add-in, ActivityTimer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 allows businesses using or considering the CRM solution to get a much better handle on worker productivity and direct cost in client activities when businesses are looking for this capability. ActivityTimer pays returns its investment quickly at only $495.00 for 5 CRM users and $50.00 per additional CRM user. ActivityTimer is available now in a 30-day free trial at /at.aspx.

Perfect for professional services businesses that use Dynamics CRM extensively for their professional services delivery functions.
Complete the missing link in the standard Dynamics CRM Service operations Activity management, tracking, and analysis.
A valuable tool for sales or operations management where tracking of time in activities yields better understanding and control of process times for continuous improvement of productivity.

Management Technology Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Dynamics CRM low-cost add-on products and development services for clients around the globe. MTC is a managing partner of the Dynamics CRM community portal

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