Jenerous Ajenda Launches One-of-a-Kind Accessories Collection

Jenerous Ajenda launches their debut collection as it quickly gains notoriety and a cult following of avid fashionistas who thrive on unique, rare pieces.

Cleveland, OH, March 10, 2009 --( Jenerous Ajenda launched their impressive 54 piece debut collection of accessories at A line that consists of three collections, all attempting to provide awareness and style.

Founded in 2008, the design house of Jenerous Ajenda, led by Jenifer Oldsey, strives to accomplish two things: unique, expressive products and aid to relief organizations and charitable causes. This was a long time desire of the designer and Jenerous Ajenda proved it could bridge the gap. Every season Jenerous Ajenda will support a cause through that season’s respective collection. To this design team, orphans in China or victims of human trafficking in South America offer drive, dedication, and inspiration. As result, those needs inspire the most truthful, raw, and eccentric pieces anyone could feast their eyes on.

Jenerous Ajenda has developed three collections, each with a different target market in mind. “We felt it was important to spread the news about whatever the cause that proved to cultivate our inspiration. At first it was conceptual, but then we realized how large the impact could be with this medium” said Jenifer Oldsey. Their goal is to provide a voice of reason to an industry and clientele that is just now coming to accept it. Jenifer states “There are several design houses that have made not only fashion media but mass media aware of everything from environmental issues to aids in Africa, and those are designers I think we need to applaud and support.”

Jenerous Ajenda dubs their seasonal collection as different, funky, and affordable. The collection offers designs that speak individualism, allowing the client to intrigue and be intrigued. However, Jenerous Ajenda sets themselves apart from many designers, due to their “1 N Only” collection. A collection compiled of compositions that truly are one-of-a-kind, providing the opportunity for clients to express their individualism. Their most talked about collection thus far though has been the Tappeto Rosso, or Red Carpet collection. Invigorating, timeless pieces make up this unique collection, intended for high profile moments. “Here you will see a shoe clip circa 1927 evolve into a breathtaking masterpiece of a bracelet or a hat pin circa 1910 grow into a ethereal hair comb accented with transcendent feather clusters…the juxtaposition is remarkable” said Susan Martino, wardrobe consultant. Product will be available at the unparalleled “boutique e-tailer” launching in April 2009. Price points range from $30-8500.

“All in all, we are called to be good stewards of the earth and Jenerous Ajenda adheres to that value. Often, you will see recycled compositions within our collections. Designs that utilize hardware and elements from our past and speak of our heritage make up a large sector of what Jenerous Ajenda creates and designs... It’s so important to be sustainable, and if we can all look to our ancestors for inspiration and materials, we will yield a greener, healthier earth. That’s just another perk of doing what we do” said Jenifer Oldsey, founder and designer.

For more information about Jenerous Ajenda’s products, visit or contact Low Hobbes, News & Press at 877-4Ajenda (425-3632) or

Jenerous Ajenda strives on being a “good steward” design house in the fashion industry, offering compelling and unique accessories. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio this design firm tackles the challenge of designing aesthetically and innovative pieces with vintage and antique elements, while simultaneously trying to serve and meet the needs of the less fortunate and economically challenged.

Jenerous Ajenda
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