Author Publishes First Book, Teaching Deer Hunting from the Beginning

Kevin Ginter published his first book titled: "So You Want to Hunt Deer: A beginner's guide for the necessary steps to start deer hunting" describing how to hunt deer from a dream to the table.

Apache Junction, AZ, March 08, 2009 --( Kevin Ginter has taken a new approach to writing a deer hunting book. Instead of focusing on the advanced aspects of the hunt, he takes readers into the sport as if they have never hunted before, starting from the dream, all the way to the table. His book is titled: So You Want to Hunt Deer: A beginner’s guide for the necessary steps to start deer hunting.

Mr. Ginter was motivated by the fact that there really were no books available that told the aspiring hunter what needed to be accomplished before even purchasing any items. Mr. Ginter has taken his experience as a beginning hunter, and provided the much needed detail missing from many books into this masterfully written book. He learned the “hard way” and wants his readers not to suffer through the expensive and time consuming method he learned by.

As quoted from his book Mr. Ginter writes: “By looking through the various obstacles, and considerations, this book was written to give the person who has nobody to turn to, a guide that will help reduce the cost and aggravation associated with trying to start a new and enjoyable venture in deer hunting.”

Mr. Ginter published his book at, and has included such items as map and compass usage, pre-season scouting, rifle sighting, license and draw information, hunting gear and clothing, chronic wasting disease, field dressing, butchering, taxidermist selection and even some cooking recipes as well as many other topics. His book can be found at:

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Kevin Ginter
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