Employee Turned Entrepreneur, Thanks to Economic Downturn

Whitegate PR launches new website in response to recent freelance demand.

Astoria, NY, March 09, 2009 --(PR.com)-- With the unemployment rate up to 7.6 percent, talented and credible professionals are launching their own small businesses, and becoming entrepreneurs in response to lay-offs. Dana Humphrey was laid off from her Marketing Manager position in November 2008 and has since started her own sole proprietorship: Whitegate PR.

A study conducted by the Freelancers Union finds that independent workers are largely creative, independent, and entrepreneurial and that many freelancers are fiercely dedicated to their lifestyle. They also make significant sacrifices to freelance. Humphrey recently moved out of a shared living situation in Brooklyn, in order to pursue her consulting career full-force.

According to Dennis Romero of Entrepreneur Magazine, “Sure, things are dire out there, but true entrepreneurs always endure.”

When a company has had to let an internal PR team go and with exorbitant price of large firms, a small PR & Marketing consultancy, such as Whitegate PR is a smart move. Hiring freezes, combined with excess work loads, encourage managers to bring freelancers on board for specific projects on a contract basis. Training, health insurance and other set-up costs are avoided with freelancers. In economic downturn, the need for internet marketing and public relations becomes ever-important.

“Traditional advertising is no longer working. Public Relations is the way of the future- to increase brand awareness,” Dana Humphrey. “With the development of social media, companies can no longer hide information. Just like U2’s song, the conversation on social media platforms is happening, ‘With or without you’.”

Whitegate PR combines online, print and multi-media campaign strategies to help reach and exceed a company’s goals. After taking comprehensive look at the business model, honing in on the target audience, Dana Humphrey, Whitegate PR’s Founder, is able to advise and implement targeted marketing plans, which include viral and guerrilla marketing tactics, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and press release distribution.

Whitegate PR launched in early 2009 to bring effective communications services to the world. Find out more at www.whitegatepr.com.

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