National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals Offers Free Helping Paw Membership to Animal Rescue and Humane Groups

The National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals is offering a new free level of membership to help animal shelters and humane groups. The free membership offers access to expert teleseminars and a weekly newsletter designed to help cash-strapped humane groups get the word out about their organizations, raise more money, and increase adoptions.

Sandpoint, ID, March 10, 2009 --( People who sign up to become a free "Helping Paw" member also receive a free report titled "Paws-i-tively Easy Fundraising Ideas: 5 Simple and Fun Fundraisers You Can Put Together Quickly." In addition to the free "Helping Paw" membership, the organization also offers a paid "Golden Paw Insider" membership, which provides access to a private Web site with more than 200 files (templates, forms, audio recordings, graphics, editable educational documents), two printed books, and other timesaving resources.

Founder and President of the National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals ( Susan Daffron says, "I know people in rescue are struggling right now. Things are tough in the current economy and many people who work with animals don't like to think that they are in business. But if you don't get donations and adoption fees, you have no money and you shut down. Non-profit doesn't mean no income. No income equals bankruptcy and then you can't help any animals at all."

The National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals is a membership association made up of people who are working for animal shelters, humane societies or rescue groups. The mission of the organization is to provide the knowledge, tools, and connections rescue professionals need to save more companion animal lives.

The founder of NAPRP, Susan Daffron is the author of 11 books, including two books on caring for adopted pets. She is a former veterinary assistant, animal shelter volunteer, employee, and board member. She also owns a publishing and software company called Logical Expressions, Inc.

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Susan Daffron