The Magical Way to Balanced Nutrition

Tasty Nature - New Cookbook Converts Science Into Fun & Easy Recipes.

Sunnyvale, CA, March 10, 2009 --( The American Center for Disease indicates that more than 300,000 Americans will die prematurely this year of overweight. Despite the publication of over 1000 diets - 61% of adult Americans are still overweight. Most people find balanced eating habits impossible to live by.

Tasty Nature (ISBN 142431352X) is a revolutionary cookbook on CD. It gathers Macrobiotics, the FDA food pyramid, the Mediterranean Diet and the latest research discoveries and converts them into fun and easy recipes.

Mira Efraty, Nutrition and Dietary consultant, was raised on Macrobiotics. For years, she dreamed of eating steaks and French-fries and gorged on the forbidden foods when the opportunity arose. She wished to eat healthily without restrictive regimens, so she created Tasty Nature.

Using ingredients that are readily available, Tasty Nature teaches novices and experienced cooks how to prepare grains, legumes and vegetables in fast and delicious ways, including various gourmet dishes such as risotto, paella and souffle. The book shows how simple it is to make dairy dishes out of yogurt, and how to cook poultry and even red meat healthily, or replace them with tofu. It includes an abundance of recipes for soups and desserts, using vegetables, fruits and grains in ways that preserve their nutritional values and allows unrestrained consumption.

“Many people can't keep up healthy eating in the long run due to restrictions” says Efraty. "I've incorporated many methods and much research into the recipes, aiming to provide pleasure and to change the image of healthy foods from dry straw to juicy, yummy viands of delight. The beauty of Tasty Nature is the way it presents ultimately correct eating habits. Everyone will find their preferred dish in the book and learn to prepare it in a healthy way and the best thing – they will enjoy cooking."

This colorful cookbook includes 350 easy to make delicious recipes, accompanied by 50 photographs, showing us how to make nature a part of us.

Tasty Nature works like magic, the only thing left to do is to cook…and lick your plate …and congratulate yourself on recognizing a jewel of a cookbook when you see one.

Tasty Nature Cookbook on CD costs $11.99. Available through (Kindle adjusted) and author's web site:

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Tasty Nature
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