Eric Rhodes Publishes His Novel "The King, Father & Mother - Trinity Revelation"

Author Eric Rhodes releases his inspiring novel, "The King, Father & Mother - Trinity Revelation", on, the online marketplace.

Los Angeles, CA, March 11, 2009 --( Taking the reader on a journey of self discovery, Eric Rhodes weaves them through three life times; giving a seamless image of time and the divine tapestry of the soul.

"Jean O'Hanlon comments "This was a surprise .. I was expecting to be preached at but instead got carried along by a good old-fashioned story, with unexpected twists and great period detail. It would make a terrific movie!"

First incarnated as a Gnostic monk living in the Abu Mina monastic settlement in 4th century Egypt, the soul returns eight centuries later to undergo trial and tribulation as a crusading Hospitaller knight, seeking knowledge in the Holy Land, and fighting the final battle for Acre. Finally, as we enter the 21st millennium it arrives in the magical land of Ireland, incarnated as a hedge fund manager struggling with an economic and spiritual crisis, who is propelled into a life altering discovery of the true meaning of the Trinity.

The author says "The Lulu self-publishing experience is really a phenomenon of the switch into a new age, one where the individual has more control over, in this instance, the product of their own creative process. My novel, using a Gnostic monk as a character, is an example of this shift. The individual searches for Gnosis, or self-knowing, and self-determination in his life and destiny. The current economic crisis, which I also discuss in the novel, is a perfect example of a crisis, spiritual or economic, which could be averted with understanding."

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Eric Rhodes is 39 years old and lives in Ireland. His novel, "The King, Father & Mother - Trinity Revelation" and poetry "Oasis of Love" are available through
Eric Rhodes
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