Yeah, I Got a Prayer for That: People Are Turning to Prayer for Answers in 2009

DRM Productions unveils “Donny’s Prayers” multimedia concept at Stage 52 on March 26th. Kicks off 40 Days of Prayer leading up to the National Day of Prayer. “A Nation United in Prayer Can Stand Strong”

Los Angeles, CA, March 11, 2009 --( It is safe to say that 2008 was a challenging year: Unemployment, a volatile housing market, failing banks and investments, soaring food and gas prices have all made their mark in the lives of virtually everyone. This year sees no end in sight. These times of economic turmoil are finding people desperately looking for answers anywhere they can be found. One of the places that they are finding them is through the simple act of prayer…

DRM Productions will be holding a special event at 7:00 PM on Thursday, March 26, 2009 at Stage 52 (5299 W. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016) which will serve to lay the groundwork for a 40 Day Prayer campaign; leading to a multi-venue culminating event called “A Nation United in Prayer Can Stand Strong” on the National Day of Prayer, May 7, 2009.

The March 26th kick-off event themed “Yeah, I Got a Prayer For That” will introduce a fascinating new multimedia concept, designed to help people who are dealing with the realities of living in 2009. Donny’s Prayers: Talking to My Father vol. 1 is an audio and visual project which beautifully combines prayer, scripture and music with breathtaking visuals.

Those attending the “Yeah, I Got a Prayer For That” gathering on March 26th at Stage 52 will:

Experience a large screen presentation of Donny’s Prayer’s volume 1.
Witness real testimonies of people whose lives have been touched by this amazing project.
Get a sneak preview of future Donny’s Prayers volumes.

Next, the “Yeah, I Got a Prayer for That” 40 Days, 40 Prayers web campaign will initiate a new prayer topic each day during the 40 days leading into the National Day of Prayer events. Participants will be able to visit the special webpage each day for a new prayer topic, which will provide an opportunity to join with a large community united in prayer.

Richard McFalls of DRM Productions had this to say: “The 40 day period preceding the National Day of Prayer is the perfect time for taking a moment daily to turn our attention to prayer.” Now more than ever the world is looking for assurance and stability. Even the widespread optimism over a new administration is tempered by the stark realities of a very tangible recession, and the realization that change will not occur overnight.” Quoting from the book of Matthew he said: “‘A house divided against itself cannot stand…’ ” and added: “but A Nation United in Prayer Can Stand Strong.”

Donny’s Prayers: Talking to my Father vol. 1 is a unique compilation of scriptures and prayers set to beautiful music, and further enhanced by magnificent visual images of God’s creation. The heartfelt and unscripted prayers of ordinary people in this collection touch upon the issues that are universal to the human condition: fear, grief, anger, loneliness, encouragement, the need for guidance; as well as joy, thanksgiving and more. Prayer is the safe harbor where people have continued to turn in times of instability. What they have found are the calm seas of hope and comfort that prayer can bring. Donny’s Prayers: Talking to my Father is the first in a series of inspiring releases designed to help those who are seeking answers and want to experience peace and reassurance.

Donny’s Prayers’ architect Donny McCullough fully understands the need for this collection, and shares this personal reflection: “In the short period of four years I lost eleven precious members of my family, mostly through illness. In the midst of the hurt and devastation of seeing my loved ones suffer and pass away, God was always present to comfort me and heal my pain. I realized that it was the act of praying and being prayed for that helped me and my family to get through those difficult years.” Donny’s Prayers was born out of that painful period in Donny’s life. He conceived this collection to give comfort to those suffering in crises of every sort - whether from illness, the loss of a job or the loss of a loved one; to place an arm around those who are in need of encouragement.

Richard McFalls, Director of Sales and Marketing
DRM Productions

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Richard McFalls