Soccer Website Launches in US Full of Soccer Information.

Watkinsville, GA, July 14, 2006 --( The new website, made its debut this week. Full of soccer information and news, it's sure to make fans across the US very happy.

Soccer is starting to take a grasp of the US market and is one site that all will enjoy. Boasting to be “soon one of the largest soccer collections” the site has a good start. 

Fans, players and general soccer nuts will all find something, whether it is logos, gear, coaching tips or playing advice. Looking for links to colleges, pro teams or soccer news? They are adding it all every day. 

The site is soon to launch a free soccer portal for coaches across the nation. Whether you are a college coach or youth coach, you can get your own free soccer center for your team. Unlike other “free coach’s pages”, these pages are not cluttered with ads and pop ups. 

“We didn’t want to turn our coach’s pages into a ‘my-space’ environment. When you go that route you have to battle through ten pages of pop-ups. We wanted a clean pop-up free center where coaches, players and parents could communicate.” –Mike English, spokesperson. 

The website was designed to be both fun and informative. This stems from the founder’s background working with kids in soccer. The theory that most youth players would rather have fun than win is strongly followed. 

A great soccer site for only being a few days old and can’t wait to see it 3 months from now. Visit the site at

Mike English