OBRY Brick & Landscape LTD. Wining Customers by Staying Small

OBRY Brick & Landscape LTD. is a full service company that that is gaining customers due to the one to one relationship with its clients. Covering all aspects of the industry OBRY Brick & Landscape LTD. handles big jobs with keeping the company small and versatile. Bigger is not always better when it comes to a company. Customers need comfort with spending these days and OBRY Brick & Landscape LTD. defiantly provides that.

Rochester Hills, MI, March 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Due to the overwhelming demand in landscaping services and declining support of many of the landscaping companies, OBRY Brick & Landscape capitalizes by pressing their experienced one to one support style forward and continuing to deliver quality landscaping services through their home website at www.obrybrickandlandscape.com. Starting back in 1996, OBRY Brick & Landscape has shown little growth in terms of their team growing from 1 person to 5-7 people in the corporation, but the small group makes it easier for the team to work together and provide support to anyone interested. "Customers should not have to show the contractor how to do the project, it's the other way around. Lots of companys have to many people on the job and aspects of the design get lost or forgotten. We eliminate that because I am the estimater, designer and installer with 2-3 other laborers. One person for the whole job. Thats the major key in this business for customer satisfaction and success," says company owner Chris Obry.

Unlike its competitors that are filled with different people playing different roles ranging from sales people to secretaries and designers, OBRY Brick & Landscape lets a single person handle all of these and that person is the owner Chris Obry himself. Chris Obry, who holds a degree in Turf & Landscape Management, is backed by a small team of respectful and talented employees that are willing to get started in any project requested by customers. With Chris Obry handling a good majority of roles in sustaining the business, people can benefit:

• …as customers by being comfortable in dealing with a single person in the different areas of negotiation
• …by having a direct line of communication with the owner himself to avoid instances of being “lost in translation” or misinformation brought by less reliable staff members
• …by meeting the same landscaper that people talked to on the phone when people first requested the task
• …in saving countless time in looking for people to consult since it only points to the owner himself
• …as jobseekers by being fully evaluated by the owner who is expert in the field of landscaping and business and simplifying lines of communication between potential prospects and the owner.

In addition to the excellent support that OBRY Brick & Landscape provide, the company offers a wide range of services that can surely suit the needs of anyone needing landscaping attention. These services completely cater to all residential, commercial, and industrial properties and the specifics include designing of pathways, driveways, and patios. Their brick pavers skills are also the top of the line and also offer exceptional boulder and drain tile work. Environmental landscaping is provided on request as well including the placement of trees and shrubs and timber projects along with optional water features and sod replacement. Landscape lighting strictly observed in all projects. Natural & pre-cast steps are available as a service as well.

For customers that need big full-time projects, OBRY Brick & Landscape can do a complete landscape design starting from the initial construction to all the installation procedures. Additional information about these services along with pictures can be found in the “Services” section of their homepage at www.obrybrickandlandscape.com.

OBRY Brick & Landscape is currently located in the same place that they originally started in since 1996 in Macomb county Michigan. Services reach out to all neighboring counties in Michigan: Oakland, Warren, St. Clair, Lepeer, and the rest of the Detroit Metro Area and the expertise in one to one service is guaranteed.

The OBRY Brick & Landscape company continues to impress their customers' needs by providing all the support and delivering solid results due to the company’s history of being very strict and clean with detail while adding a good personal touch that adds uniqueness to any landscaping project. All those living in the Detroit Metro Area or neighboring Macomb can inquire at their website at www.obrybrickandlandscape.com. All it takes is a free consultation with Chris Obry and the project begins.

OBRY Brick & Landscape LTD.
Chris Obry