Lookeen 2.0 Tidies Up Your Outlook®

The new Lookeen 2.0 simplifies your search function in Outlook®. Organize, find and optimize information with just a few clicks.

Karlsruhe, Germany, March 13, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Successfully launched a year ago, the Outlook® add-in Lookeen enables Outlook® users to browse all data in e-mails, contacts, appointments, tasks or notices in a fast, easy and slick way. Relevant information is at the user’s fingertips within a few seconds, and search results covering all file attachments, archive and exchange folders is presented in a transparent manner.

Axonic GmbH has now further perfected this useful search function. With the introduction of the so-called Lookeen Shared Index Sources, Outlook® data shared and used within a company becomes centrally indexed. With a simple index path transfer of a central index is created which is accessible for all selected users. Individual users are now able to simultaneously browse personal and shared index sources, and this function even works if the respective archives are passive, which means that they are closed in Outlook®. Processor load and exchange servers and networks traffic are significantly reduced, and both the processor and memory resources are preserved. For users the time saved will be the most valued aspect of the Lookeen Shared Index Sources; within split seconds data searches reveal clearly presented information on their screens.

To achieve an even more precise look-up, Axonic also optimized the search function within Lookeen. Until now the user could only type one search key in the search mask, but with Lookeen 2.0 the user can view extended search fields within the search result window. With a user-friendly search limitation on, for example, a specific sender or receiver, or with the help of a calendar for a certain period of time, the required information can now be found more quickly and more simply – and all without entering complex search parameters! This feature offers additional time saving, freeing up valuable user time and making your work with Outlook® even more productive.

The full version of Lookeen 2.0 can be downloaded and tested for free for 14 days without any obligations on the product webside.

About Axonic

Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH, founded by Martin Welker in 2003, is registered in Karlsruhe, Germany. A young, dynamic company focusing on information, communication and recognition technologies, Axonic continues its intense research and development in the field of “Communication Intelligence” - the goal-oriented analysis and presentation of communication. Axonic revolutionized the search and organization capabilities of electronic data with its products that include Chilibase® and Lookeen®.

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