Introducing Green Leaf Rugs: Eco-friendly Meets Urban Hipster

Announcing the launch of Green Leaf Rugs, a sustainable and socially responsible company merging cutting edge artistry, heirloom-quality textiles and modern floor coverings.

Washington, DC, March 13, 2009 --( The trend today in just about everything is environmental sustainability. From fashion lines to shopping bags, everyone seems to be “going green”, and home décor is no exception. There has been a surge in recent months of new products allowing us to outfit ourselves with organic, non-toxic and biodegradable goods.

Too often, though, we are forced to decide between what’s hot and what’s ethical, making our consumer choices rather difficult. Searching for ways to incorporate the newest and most cutting-edge designs into our homes and our wardrobes can come at the expense of our commitment to being responsible consumers.

Not anymore. The innovative team of designers at Green Leaf Rugs are launching a new company based entirely on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The product line is brimming with fresh, vibrant, never before seen rugs.

The cutting edge artistry brings images and textures that are truly remarkable. In the “Urban” collection, you will find a sepia-toned piece with an overlay of Hebrew letters that gives the appearance of layers of ancient newsprint transposed on top of each other. There was also a remarkable botanical series in the “Nature” collection, with wintry tree silhouettes against bright turquoise backgrounds, a macro close-up of a dandelion set in deep purples and mauves, and a brilliant depiction of fall’s fiery red, orange and yellow leaves made into an extended runner.

Some of the most innovative pieces utilize alternative textures, like the deliciously visceral images of zebras, expertly carved out of thick piles of yarn, in charcoal, teal and crimson two-tones. This carving style is also used in pieces depicting highly pixilated black-and-white images of faces, figures, and famous images like the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

From the funky wool shags to the subtle, hand knotted Tibetans, the new designs are nothing short of a visual feast. Some pieces feature explosive colors that read both modern and ethnic, while others display radically simplified graphics woven gracefully in an unorthodox style. Many utilize alternative textures, with thickly carved piles of yarn creating a sumptuous textural as well as visual experience. These artful works are all hand knotted, with uncompromising integrity, resulting in genuinely unique crafts of heirloom quality.

“I wanted to provide beautiful, artistic floor coverings of the highest quality at affordable prices without compromising ethical practice,” Nitzan told me, in his low, resonant voice.

Green Leaf rugs are 100% biodegradable, produced with all natural dyes and made from organic materials. The wool is sheared humanely, and then died by hand with naturally sourced materials such as indigo, oak, walnut and pomegranate, bringing all of the rich tonality of nature to the living room floor.

In an endeavor to be truly sustainable, Zachary Nitzan has begun converting the local offices to run entirely on wind and solar energy, and is hoping to extend the alternative energies to the manufacturing facilities in India.

“I have a very close relationship with the manufacturers,” he says. “The most important thing to always remember in business is that we are engaging in human relationships. We can’t reduce our interactions to mechanical business proceedings, we have to treat one another with respect and dignity.”

Naturally, all of Green Leaf rugs are sweatshop-free, and Nitzan will be heading out at the end of the month to the production site in India to meet with the weavers and ensure that all is well. Additionally, a portion of the rugs’ proceeds will go to maintain funding for a local school in the village where the rugs are made. “When I first started making rugs, and I learned that there was no school in the village where the weavers lived, I knew I had to do something. Education is so important to quality of life.” So, he paid for a school to be opened, and continues to support the institution through regular donations.

Overall, Green Leaf gets an A+ on all of he subjects that count: style, eco-consciousness, social responsibility, and truly cutting edge designs. “I wanted to create something that turned your living room floor into the museum of modern art. I knew that style and beauty did not have to mean a compromise in ethical practice, and in fact I think that it makes our final product even better.”

For more information on Green Leaf Rugs, visit their collection at at You may also contact their Media Coordinator at or call 1-800-830-RUGS (7847).

Green Leaf Rugs
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